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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Good News!

We went to a nearby industrial park and after observing that she needed practice just maneuvering the car we pulled into this parking lot (it was empty of parked cars while we were there):

At first she did ovals, counter-clockwise, then clockwise, then she advanced to figure eights!

Half an hour was all I could stand and I think she was ready to come home, too. I remember learning to drive as being exhausting because of how tense I would get.

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very cool! good for you for surviving. hope when my time comes i'm as brave.... (envisions shooing husband out the door with son and his old car)

I am sort of surprised that neither of us came home in tears.

I thought P would be doing it because he is better at teaching than I and more patient with pupils...

well, that's what motherhood is all about. constantly surprising ourselves with just how patient we can be in the right circumstances!

Gods, me too. My dad taught me to drive and I hated it. I left home without getting my license. I didn't get it until after I was married, and I needed to get back and forth to work.

I was slow, too.

I didn't get mine until I was 22, my parents were moving away and needed me to run errands in the car, and we had an automatic.

i remember taking the lessons from my mother...my father was too chicken after teaching my brother. Mom, as a final lesson for the day (Everytime we went out, this was always the final lesson) was to do figure 8's while in reverse

I'll remember that! Did you have to do them around obstructions?

no...i had to keep the car in a certain area that my mother knew only existed


Is MD a person or a dog?

Re: hello

I am a cat person.

I remember first learning how to drive! I remember not quite grasping the flow of smoothly starting and stopping the car. Pressed on the gas too light/slow--the car wouldn't move. Gave it a little more gas and it would suddenly lurch forward! Yikes! Stopping was the same--always jerking to a sudden stop. Eventually, somehow, I managed to get the hang of it, and it went from there :)

I don't know how my mother managed it. She is a nervous driver--she avoids heavy traffic and will never ever ever drive on a highway or go above 50mph. Yet she instructed me how to drive. Yikes. Needless to say, I learned to loathe the backseat driver, lol. Dad taught me highway driving, parallel parking, all the tricky stuff. But he has worked as a truck driver for as long as I can remember and is still, to this day, the person whose driving I trust most. *nods* I aced the parallel parking portion of my driving test. Since then, I have royally sucked at it :P I have no aspirations to be a truck driver, heh-heh.

Yeah, I'm rambling...

Exactly! There are a lot of pieces to put together all at the same time and it's hard.

My mom was never a TERRIBLY nervous driver, but she finally stopped pressing the brake pedal on her side of the car after I'd been driving for ten years, at least.

Meanwhile, I learned to drive stick when a friend loaned me her car keys and then drove off in her parents' car. Fortunately, it was an ancient Beetle, and I remembered the theory from my Drivers' Ed days in high school.

I don't know if my mother braked on my behalf when I drove, but she had the habit, if she had to brake abruptly and I was sitting in the front, of throwing her right arm out to catch me. Needless to say, my seatbelt was doing me more good than her arm, especially when I was an adult.

I am sadly a lost cause when it comes to driving shift. My father tried to teach me to no avail. My husband tried to teach me, but it was pointless. Teaching myself was futile. I'm fine with shifting, as I can drive what I like to call a "clutchless standard" (there are cars out there where you have to shift, but there's no extra pedal). However, I can't get the damn clutch down. I can never get the timing right, so I always stall -_- . I'm doomed to always driving automatics because of this. *sigh*

Heheheheheheheh...ah, the memories. Of last month. Last week.

And my son trying to drive on to the freeway through the "No Entry" *i.e., wrong way) entrance...err, exit!

And yet I'm still here!

I didn't say I was sane anymore, though! LOL!

* high fives*

We survived! (course I have many more lessons to go...)

Well, sometimes those signs are really confusing the way they are placed...

MD didn't get the car above 15 so it will be a little while before she's ready for the expressway! I don't think I drove the expressway until all of a sudden I had a commute that required it...

Yeah, it IS funny how sometimes those signs are confusing. And of course they're BRIGHT RED so they're easy to miss. And the fact that there are CARS COMING AT YOU isn't a dead give-away, either.

I think that one gray hair that I've started to pull out is going to have company...

Here we sometimes have on ramps that are right next to off ramps and the "No Entry" sign is on the median between them.

You didn't want that hair to be lonely, did you?

YES! I pull it out every time I see the damn thing. I'm NOT old. I'm not, I'm not, I'm NOT!

See? I still have tantrums...I must be an adolescent still, right?

Don't you dare respond to that....XD!

ok well

Well, despite the fact that you wrote that "she needed practice manuvering the car" I was confused because it seemed like a person and then you wrote "she was ready to come home." I was like, who is she? And why is she doing figure eights? Is she training for something? OK. So then I decided it was an animal. Because animals train to do stunts like ovals and do it counter clockwise and clockwise. OK. So to make matters worse, it was an animal in a car. So I was totally dumbfounded.

Re: ok well

Yes, my child is training for something; she's training for her driver's license. She was having difficulties getting the car to go where she wanted, thus the maneuvers.

Tense - you're right. I'd forgotten about that. Glad it all went well.

As well as can be expected..

We went out Monday and there was another mother/daughter pair practicing. There were a couple of exciting moments.

How was your holiday?

Maybe you should put MD in front of one of those driving video games?

Holiday was nice. We went to cousin's house to eat and she wanted us to watch her Flight of the Concord episodes (this is same that was crazy about the Ali G show). Didn't work very well since children were irritable and noisy. Found out later it was because of a fever. Not only the kids, but me. I'd thought I felt hot. All recovered now! :)

MD likes Stunts. It does not give her good driving habits.

Glad you are feeling better.

That game may be the cause of the exciting parts of your driving lessons.

10 days later...sorry!

I had to show this to Rachel. I've told her when she was ready we could drive in a parking lot a bit and she thought there was something wrong with me. (she's only 14, but knowing her, won't want to try until she's 18)She started 'hinting' when she found out her 15 year old friend drove sometimes.

When I called her on it she sudddenly backed out. I didn't drive until I was 20. On my dad's side of the family some of the women never do learn to drive. MD is very brave, trying a stick.

We don't have a stick...

I didn't get my license until I was 22 because we had a stick when I was in HS. Then my parents were moving, needed me to run errands and didn't have a stick anymore so I got a license.

You should mention to Rachel that parking lots contain some of the trickiest driving and require the most alertness. Of course that's when there are other cars in them.