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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
So, I Just Made a Raid Home For a Hairbrush, Earplugs and a Bottle of Sherry

Our power goes out with the drop of a hat. Despite that, we survived Thursday's storm without losingit.

However, MD's school was canceled Friday because of outages and Saturday there were still a lot of traffic signals out.

I woke up at 3AM Sunday (I know it was 3 because Iooked at the clock) and asked P if MD was home. Woke up at 4:30 and the clock was not visible.

8:30PM and we still didn't have power so I suggested we go to a motel, saying that was the surest way to get the power back. We did.

Midnight rolls 'round and everyone's asleep except the kids shrieking next door and me.

PS We had power when I went home.

Mood: crankycranky
Tune: shrieks and snores

Glad you're powerful again. I knew it would have to be something like that to have you posting this late.

Using a laptop on the dark is a freaking pain.

I had a response mostly typed in and then touched something bad.

Anyway, thanks I'm thinking the sherry has kicked in and maybe I'll be able to sleep. Of course P is comin' through th earplugs loud and clear.

Give P some sherry too and maybe he'll stop talking and fall asleep too.

He was asleep thus the need for earplugs.

Don't you just hate shrieking kids in a hotel?

Especially at midnight.

That is why we have battery clocks, cell phones, a wood stove and lots and lots of candles and matches in an easy to locate place. Fresh water runs at the base of our hill and we are on high ground. Cape Cod is wonderful for black-outs, we never bother to go anywhere, note even in the dead of winter. Good lord, where is your yankee self-reliance?

The screaming kid should have been shot.

I wouldn't drink that water if I were you.

We're equipped for several hours of no power but I was daunted by trying to get ready for work in the dark. Even with power I often get to work and find myself surprised at what I have on. Also. none of our bathrooms has a window and the idea of showering by candlelight and the question of whether we would have hot water (gas boiler but electronic ignition) was off putting.

There is such a thing as a bowl of hot water and a sponge bath, you know.

I was past due.

That's what Frebreeze is for.

Why would MD not have been home at 3AM on a Sunday?

She was off playing D&D and was expected home between midnight and 1 which is when she got home but I didn't hear her come in.

Sorry to hear. We managed to survive Thurs as well, though our basement did take in a lil water T__T

What was bad, was driving home. Apparently, everyone in Chicago is unfamiliar with the 4 way stop rule when a traffic light goes out, and it is every man for himself :-(. There had to be 8 different paths made in a couple of intersections I went through.....I am amazed these people have licenses (then again maybe not...)

It wasn't so bad Friday and Saturday but, yeah, coming home Thursday people were just crazy at those intersections, "The guy ahead of me just went so it must be my turn too, right?"

hi! sounds like a mess. MD's already in school? we don't go back til next week...... can't wait!

August 22 which was her birthday, poor thing.

I hate when the power goes out. It's not so bad during the day but going to bed at dusk is almost impossible. I lived on Long Island when Hurricane Gloria hit. Since it was a dead endcul-de-sac with about 4 houses they didn't worry about us getting the power back on for 10 days. (they had shut it off because of damage elsewhere)

That hotel thing really works. I wish I had thought of it sooner.

10 days? How did you survive?

I'm from MN and we lived in tornado alley, so I knew to fill the bath tub with water and all the pots and pans. I bought batteries, had food, kerosene lights-all that. The neighbor had a generator and connected us so the water pump would work long enough to flush toilets etc.

The 2nd day most of Long Island was out so we went in search of ice. We found a rescue worker handing blocks ice out of a trunk and we got 2-3. I gave one to the neighbor and my first husband had a fit and shoved me into a wall. Oh newlyweds.

After about 4 days the power was on almost everywhere so it was easier to get things. Most people tried to help each other. It was kind of like camping at first.

I don't camp.

I hope first husband didn't last long; what an ass.

4 1/2 years. he locked me out of the house once and shoved me out of the car by the side of a freeway. he stopped the car first.

I talked him into a vasectomy, got a great job on the opposite coast where he had no family and got rid of him there where it was easy and he had no support system. anything under 5 years was a dissolution and cost about 400 dollars if there were no children.

I didn't exactly plan it all to fit together so neatly. Some of it though.