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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Comment on this Week's Inuyasha

Sesshoumaru, that sword has been with you all along. Inside yourself.

Who knew Totosai was an Oz fan?

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So.. are like all Youkai born with things inside them? -_~

What do you think Jaken had inside him?

Makes you wonder what else he has secreted away in there.

Ren is suggesting there might be a kid in there somewheres.

Whatever is there oughtta come sluicing out now, like that River in Spirited Away after the bike was pulled out. There might even be some other treasures in amongst the crap.

Made me think of the Christopher Walken vignette in Pulp Fiction rather than Oz.

Sadly, this reference is lost on me as I have only seen Pulp Fiction the once and that was like a decade ago.

Can you elaborate> With Christopher Walken it must be good!

Maybe there's a kid stuck up there? LOL Now who could have predicted this?

I think Takahashi has been watching too many Highlander reruns!

What I don't understand is why he gets the arm, too!

That's exactly what I thought! Actually, the minute I finished reading the chapter I made an animated gif of Glinda the Witch of the North giving Sess a pep talk. Click your heels three times, Sesshoumaru! Come on, Jaken would fit in perfect. Using the Nintoujo, he'd probably take over the Lolipop Guild.


Rin is surprisingly like Toto.

I don't think the omnipotent swordsmith gets to take credit for this one. I gathered that Sess has had that long piece of metal shoved up there for a long time. Which, I think, explains a lot. ^_^

But this begs the question: who or what could have shoved the sword up there? It can't be that Sesshy was born with it already there, somebody had to do it.

And it had been up there for centuries!

Talk about mpreg!

Man at this point the fics are just writing themselves....

I always knew that Sesshy was a closet female. He births really pretty katana blades! Whatta woman!

TMI Ahead

After MD was born I spent a lot of time, I mean a lot of time, in the loo. And I'd only been carrying her for 9 months. I predict Sess will be out of commission for some time.

THAT's where I've heard that before. I thought it sounded familiar. I had never heard that swords came from inside the body.

Didn't you ever watch Highlander?

As far as I can tell, all immortals carry their swords up their respective asses. Which explains why so many of them are big meanies.