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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Sigh of Relief!

I just about had conniptions when I turned on Asmodeus last night and it was dead, dead, dead!

I paniced, briefly, but sternly told myself it was just the battery like last time. This AM I pulled the battery to see what kind I needed, plugged in the new one when I got home from work and voila!

But that battery lasted only two months which is a ginormous pisser. I'm thinking it's our power failures. We've had a couple this summer.

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I'm glad it was something so easy to correct. Even with power problems the battery should last more than 2 months. I mean, that's what batteries are for right? O.o

Those things can get expensive.

Yep, those 3$ add up!

That's all? The last time I had to put a battery in my phone it cost $20. I would have thought a computer battery would be way more expensive.

Well, I'm glad it's just the battery.

If there had been anything special about it, like your phone battery, it would have been more but it's a standard, off the shelf, Energizer battery. It still shouldn't have died after just two months, though.

Hmmm. Yes. Hate it when you kick and it doesn't kick back.

Those batteries are damned expensive. I never replaced the one in my compaq because it was almost $400. WTF? That's craziness - it should have lasted longer.

$400! I would have had conniptions all through the house!

Nah, this was just a vanilla CR2032. I bought a pair at Walgreen's for $6 plus tax.

Umm, I don't know if I'm showing my age, or just my all around pop culture ignorance here, but... What's an Asmodeus?

Asmodeus is the name of my desktop PC. For the network, each machine has its own name, like Jeeves for the internet/print server.

*scratches head* Your desktop PC has a battery? I wasn't aware that desktops ran on anything but wires and wall outlets.

Wait. Is it one of those reserve battery backup things?

Nah. It was the CMOS battery. In the olden days, a dead CMOS battery would not prevent the machine from booting, it would just revert the date to 1/1/1980.