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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
By the Power of Greyskull!

Nothing has been wrong; I've just been going through one of my periodic bouts of antisociability and reading Zutara.

MD says there is no support for Zutara in canon. She says Saddam Hussein shipped Zutara.

If you haven't seen Hot Fuzz I will wait quietly while you go rent it
And watch it
Aside from the horrible name for the movie, making it sound like one of those brain dead parody movies, I loved everything about this homage to action eye-candy, the character driven humor, the climactic action sequences and the sheer evilness of the big bad.

Constable Nick Angel gets kicked out to the idyllic village of Sandford because his efficiency shows up both his peers and bosses. As he tries to bring the Sandford constabulary into the 21st century he is not winning friends so the other cops, aside from his partner, Danny, aren't inclined to listen when Angel sees murder in a series of horrific accidents.

MD and I went to see Stardust yesterday. Sorry, there's no snark. We both really enjoyed it.

The seven princes, especially the dead ones, were just made of awesome but Robert deNiro stole the show.

If I have any complaints, it is at the distinct lack of masculine pulchritude but, on the other hand, it did have a wooden, flying ship.

pilgham and I have seen just three episodes of Kamichu but P was ready to buy it after the first one. It's about a junior high girl, Yurie, who has become a god and her adventures. I know, I know, it sounds painfully high concept. What makes it nifty cool is all the other gods.

Can kami:

Kami of laser disk, vhd, and something that was obsolete as soon as it was created:

In the third episode, Yurie's cat gets her own pet kami.

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ZUTARA!!!! *insert evil laughter here*

One of the only non-canon pairings I have ever read and truly enjoyed. Too bad the new season looks to be shipping MaiXZuko (or however they conglomerate it).

Saddam? Nah, he don't have the imagination. Reference:


'Tis long, but ridiculously funny and definitely worth watching through the end. ^^

That was swell. So swell, MD had to come peer over my shoulder.

Zutara is addictive like WHOA. And I haven't given up on it becoming canon, quite yet. It just seems so darn RIGHT for the characters. It's Pride & Prejudice with magic karate!

I can't recommend some good ones, if you're looking.

Coincidentally, "Hot Fuzz" just arrived via Netflix. Will watch this evening if I can get the chores done.

I mean I can, I can recommend.


I wondered where you went :)

Ah, the secret joy of Zutara! It's my favorite pairing there. Though it's not canon I think it will be eventual. Fire + Water, lol!


Fire + Water is all steamy!

I almost rented Hot Fuzz the other night - my bad! I should've rented it, eh. Also glad to hear that Stardust lives up to the shiny commercials.

Ed's still at home, so I've been out of pocket too. Have been kind of wondering why things have been slow on LJ.

re: Hot Fuzz
I stupidly missed this in the theater, but I'm in the queue at the library. After Shaun of the Dead, those guys have to come out with several bad films in a row for me to stop wanting to see everything they do.

re: Stardust
I enjoyed it, very much. It had a couple of flaws -- too trad in gender roles, which is kinda surprising for Gaiman. That Charlie Cox is awfully cute, though. And some of those folks were just having way too much fun.

Forgive my ignorance, but just what is Zutara, other than another manga for me to get hooked on? Brief synopsis, if you will?

Okay, I Googled Zutara...duh!

Avatar IS addicting. I think I watch it more intently than sons #3 and 4 combined (11 and 6 respectively).

I was beset by a plunny that nearly demanded I pair Zuko with every female in the series. I have a serious thing for Zuko. I had to shoot the plunny so I could move on with my life. However, I have nothing against Zutara. It acutally sits better with me than Kataang. Probably because Aang is 12 YEARS OLD, DAMMIT!

OOOHH, better watch out for the p0rn police!

I am familiar with none of these references so I should have fun figuring them out.

I get the anti-social thing...me too. I withdrew from a class and have to re-take it starting next week. O.o I have to find Kamichu. Can kami? Thanks for all the links!

You must watch Avatar the Last Airbender. All the cool kids, and their mothers, and in some cases, fathers, are doing it.

Kamichu is incredibly cute and gorgeously animated. We got it through Netflix.

Hey, I've got a Zutara faved...either on MM or FF, I forget which.

I'm seeing one on FF. I'll have to take a look at it and some of those others.


Since when did a lack of canon support ever stop us in any fandom?

Last three weeks of summer vacation over here, and my kids seem determined to wring every last gasp out of each day. *momma iz feeling a little zapped*

She's just a mean little kid!

MD starts back to school next Wednesday, on her birthday, poor thing. I don't see much of her as she games the time away.