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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Canon Crossover?

Watched Naruto Shppuuden 21 last night. Is it just me or did Sasori wander in from Prince of Tennis?


Prince of Tennis sample:

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There was one animator who couldn't draw eyes any other way?

But shouldn't the anime Sasori look like the manga Sasori? Meaning Kishimoto designed him that way.

But animation is hard!!! What's this with keeping to character design? Bet you he was o-make anyway.

An extra for a filler tacked on by the animation department so that they have enough time to allow for published manga source to be processed. Come now, not that I read either of those mangas and my anime-consumption turns out to be what ever comes my way, some of it astoundingly bad.

Sour Grape-seed!

If only it weren't true.

All that knowledge is bound to leave a person a little loopy.

Nah, Sasori is in the manga. We had 80-100 filler eps of Naruto so the manga could get ahead and Shippuuden has just started.

I must fall back upon the, pretty eyes by a hack animator, argument.

Could be; I've seen Naruto off model.

Sasori compared to who? I'd say he's close looking to Jirou or Bunta from Rikkai? I'd say he looks for like Bunta.

Jirou(the third on from the left, grabbing for the bread)

Bunta(the one in the middle having a fit)

And on a longshot, maybe Sengoku(First one on the left)

Oh well...PoT was made first, right?

I was more commenting on the style of the character. Sasori looks like a PoT character not a Naruto character, at least to me.

um...what's this about a Naruto character? I never mentioned it...All the characters I mentioned above are PoT character...

I was just saying that I hadn't got that specific as to pick out which PoT character Sasori resembled -- but you see the similarity? It's not just me?

Shame on you for insinuating any such thing.

Wasshe insinuating something? Was it good?

For all I know, Sasuke went to visit PoT in an exchange program. If so, I hope he doesn't come back. I hate that guy.

Actually, the first thing I thought of when seeing Sasori in that episode (since I don't watch PoT) was "ZOMG, Frodo!" as in Elijiah Woods Frodo without the intense blue eye color. Yeah, I'm strange. Meh.

The eyes...there's something wrong with Sasori's eyes. I don't remember him looking quite that girly in the manga, but then again it's been a long time since I last read the manga so I could be mistaken :P

Yes, you are strange! Frodo doesn't have red hair, you nut!

In the cartoon he kinda does! Most drawings that I've seen of him (pre Peter Jackson LotR) he always has brownish or reddish hair.

There's no explanation for my strangeness, though :P

OK, maybe Sasori wandered in from LotR, not PoT. Frankly, I didn't know hobbits spoke Japanese.