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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Miyazaki Double Feature

So last night's program was Chapter 12 of Future Boy Conan and Tales from Earthsea, Miyazaki père et fils.

I was patiently waiting for the movie to be released in the US but I found out last week it won't be released here until 2009. At the same time, the DVD had just been released in Japan and it has not only the English subs but the dub, too. YesAsia seemed sold out so I had to get it from CD Japan.

I have to concur with the other viewers. It's been long enough since I read any Earthsea that I don't remember anything of the books so changes in the storyline didn't bother me. However, that the story was incoherent did. For instance, there is a patricide near the beginning. The murderer regrets his actions but it is never clear, to me anyway, why he did it. Characters are introduced like they are important and never appear again. Fortunately, the story settles down after the first 20 minutes and becomes more cohesive.

As a Studio Ghibli film, one expects a gorgeous picture and that is delivered. However, it seemed like Goro raided the character design attic, not that Hayao doesn't have certain faces that occur in every movie. (Now, here's where I would have examples if I wasn't so lazy... Just take my word for it!). On the whole, the character design was pretty dull. (Again, no examples because I suck!).

On the whole, it's worth seeing but not necessarily worth owning.

Oh, wait!  I don't suck.

I love this scene from Howl's Moving Castle with the Witch of the Waste and Sophie climbing the ginormous stairs. What's not evident from the still shot is how every bit of the witch is aquiver.

Perhaps, I didn't choose the best shot because I wanted one of the woman who looked like the Witch of the Waste and the resemblance is hard to see in these two shots. Maybe it's because there is so much more one can do with an older person but Sophie, above, is so much more interesting to look at than Sparrowhawk (the scarred guy) and Arren (the boy) is very generic.

Tune: Hinley, Donal - [Ghost Fiddle Suite CD1 #07] Shenandoah

My daughter loved Howl's moving castle. She watched it over and over and over before I had to send it back. I plan on getting her a copy of that and Spirited Away for her birthday.

Sami has good taste!

How does she like My Neighbor Totoro? We rented that back when MD was wee and she just loved it and ended up buying it on VHS so long ago it was Fox Video instead of Disney that had the license. Here's MD with Totoro, et al:

We haven't seen that one yet. The next one we're getting is Kiki's Delivery Service, then My Neighbor Totoro. She wasn't that crazy about Princess Mononoke, but neither was I.

Mononoke is kind of a downer and she's too young for it. So was I.

Totoro is definitely more appropriate for small fry. Kiki is good, too, though.

I'm pretty sure I'll have to buy all of them for her eventually.

Well, duh!

I have to buy them for pilgham.

That's cute. ^_^

Two folk who are not reading their Potter.

Harry who?

All I need to know I learned from crossovers...

I am eagerly awaiting HiBob's next Malcolm in the Middle/Harry Potter opus.


I wasn't aware that Future Boy Conan was from Myazaki. Will have to add it to my "must buy" list immediately. I have a Myazaki fetish.

Of fuggelberries. That's MIYAZAKI. I'm having a problem typing today. ~_~

Let me know if you find somewhere to get legal!Conan on DVD. WHen I last looked there was nada. I nearly bought a Korean release but it turned out not to have English subs after all.

I like Conan. P loves Conan.