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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Voice Post: It's a Mystery?

15K 0:04
“* brief sound of distant, unintelligible, voice*


Transcribed by: ouatic_7

We had a power failure and, as is traditional, I went to make a voice post. Evidently, I lacked power to my brain, too, and there was considerable user error.

It's just as well as it was a lame post, other than giving away pilgham's real name, my address, my mother's maiden name and my SSN.


That was it? You voice posted a click?

I thought I posted about 90 seconds of rambling about my traditional power failure post.

I agree...WTF?

Or was that some sort of ghost-hunting voices captured on tape?

I always get the urge to talk on the phone during a power failure and, plainly, there was some user error in the dark.

Oh good! It's not just me. LOL.
I'm poking and prodding and twisting and turning knobs... trying to figure out WTF is wrong with my computer.


I don't know what happened...

Dark dialing is like drunk dialing.

Drat. Foiled again.

In my plans to usurp you. I wanna be you bad.

There are many bennies to being me but you would have to trade in Mick for an older, less sporty model and are you ready to for a teenager?

are you ready to for a teenager?

*regards the 4 hooligans running around yelling* Yes. Yes I am.

4 hooligans?

Nice thing about teens is all the socializing is on-line.

My 2 plus the two I babysit. Four kids under the age of six. I fantasize about them being teenagers someday. It gives me something to look forward to.

Re-do that post, I need another stolen identity.

Didn't you recognize my lying font?


Missed that - do you have code words too?

You mean like 'sparkle'?

It came up on my MediaPlayer as a 20 minute 'song'.

20 minutes of "............... click".

You could probably sell it to Bjork and it'd be Top Twenty like that.

I look forward to the AMVs