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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Saw Transformers

pilgham and MD atop Megatron.
Saw Transformers...

On an unrelated note, how does Naruto's Shadow Clone Jitsu work? Does each have its own mind and they all think alike because they are Naruto or does each control each individually so when he makes dozens he is controlling each?

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i dunno why but that picture craked me up. maybe i'm just tired....

did you see the movie?

Yep, thus the picture.

It was mostly enjoyable.


not yet. we saw Ocean's 13 tonight with the boys. got some good laughs out of it. we want to see Transformers but don't know when.... we're seeing Haray Wed... and leaving town Sun... not too much to do in between. nah. piece of cake... ack!

What about Die Hard? so when does Megatron transform into a robot?

Die Hard was good; I managed to suspend disbelief until McClane was battling the fighter jet and that's near the end. On the other hand, I was discussing the movie after and was reminded that he's Unbreakable.

Is that the view from your gunsights?

Yeh, I didn't really wanna visit Hoover Dam.

I heard the food there was aweful.

Next time we'll go to the federal landmark that has good food. Which one is it?

Not the White House, that's for sure.

I think if the president had to eat the food they serve at the famous sites, we'd have a lot fewer volunteers for the job.

It would be justice, served, on soggy toast!

I took the red-headed spawn to see 'Transformers' yesterday afternoon as well. The digital animation was amazing, but the GMC/Hasbro product placement had me crossing my eyes a few times (of course, one of the bad guys was a Ford Mustang...), and there were a couple of plot holes Optimus Prime could have driven through in Kenworth-mode, but overall a perfect summer action movie in the best John Wayne tradition.

I have no clue as to the Shadow Clone jutsu; I thought they were sort of like shikigami with independent action.

I agree, enjoyable on the whole but there were a few parts that I didn't buy. I did think John Turturro was just awesome.

*glee* He was a hoot! My son kept asking me if he was 'all there'; I especially liked the scene where he and Sam were chest-bumping over the 'official designation acronym' vs Megatron's real name. It was obvious he was having Much Fun with his character.

Hoover damn. I hate heights. I crossed it with an ex-fiance and had to get out of the car and walk to the middle of it. Well, that's one of many reasons why he's an ex.

I'm pretty sure Naruto's clones mostly function en-masse, under his control. He's able to manipulate a couple independently from the others. The first time they defeated Zauza, Naruto used the art of the doppelganger to distract Zabuza with a horde while one clone threw a shuriken to Sasuke.

I didn't really want to go to Hoover Dam but it turns out I am a sucker for civil engineering.

There's a bridge in France that MD and I want to cross and pilgham says he will just wait for us.


zomg. Just looking at the drawing makes me want to hit the dirt and clutch at the ground.

So I'll put you down for waiting at one end, shall I?

The bridge has its own soft drink?

I did think that was weird...