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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Why Is It Assumed Yusuke, etc. Like Action Movies?

I'm sure Yusuke and Kuwabara liked action movies back in the days when they were relatively normal but isn't part of the raison d'être of action films to provide vicarious thrills to the audience as the hero whips the villain? That's the job of the spirit detectives.

The viewer is supposed to identify with the hero but next to the tantei most action heroes are pussies. I can see them enjoying Spiderman, being able to relate to the whole secret identity thing and all but X-Men? That is to laugh.

I doubt they really enjoy monster movies either. After all, by movie logic, Kurama is a monster possessing a human. Yusuke's been a ghost. Been there, killed that.

Now, comedies I can see. Not those films calling themselves comedies that don't actually provide any laughs but a good farce. I imagine they are big Stephen Chow fans.

Yusuke and Kuwabara probably like pornography, too. I assume Kurama has his memories and I couldn't hazard a guess on Hiei.

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