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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Two 'Trips'

I was making my tea this morning and it occurred to me that the collective noun for cats should be a 'trip'. Why yes! Evil and Boo were swarming around my feet.

I mentioned this to pilgham and he disagrees. He believes it is an 'argurment'.

So, what is the most accurate collective noun for cats?

Monday I'm off to Chelmsford again, returning Friday, for a week full of meetings to kick off our next project. Should be big fun.

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I believe the correct collective noun is a "clowder" or a "clutter" of cats (and a "kindle of kittens"), but "trip" is so much better! XD

They do rather clutter things up, don't they?

I believe it is their cluttering propensity that leads to them being a trip.

I call them my furry entourage.

Cats are weird creatures. Take Morgan for example. We've had her for 12 years, since before we were married. Anyway, this cat does not like to be bothered. Her idea of affection is to accept a quick chin scratch when we stumble upon her hiding spot. A week ago, I was doing my yoga and she suddenly came into the room. She rubbed against me, wanting me to pet her. It freaked me out. I asked her, "Holy crap, are you gonna die?"

*grin* I happen to have a copy of 'An Exaltation of Larks' by James Lipton, filled with more than 1,000 of these quirky collective nouns; Manon's 'clowder' has pride of place, but there's also listings for 'cluster' and 'clutter' which have been used since 1476, as well as a 'pounce'.

However, I do rather like 'a trip of cats'! *scribbles in margin of text*

'Cluster' is just boring. 'Pounce' is good. Maybe kittens come in a 'pounce.'

How about a 'squirm' of kittens, and a 'yowl' of tomcats?

Swiping a line from Wheezambu (sort of), I think "a crock of chocolate cheeto droppers" works pretty well myself!

Could it have been because their food dish was empty? My furkids normally give me the hairy eyeball, and if that doesn't work, they move on to scoping out arms (legs, whatever is within reach and exposed).

Lately, I've been walking into the bathroom to find a cat sitting on the sink waiting for me to turn on the water so they can get a fresh drink of water straight from the faucet. The one insisted the only way she would drink was for there to be a steady stream dropping onto the stopper, then stick her head under the water so it landed on her head while she drank from the drain!

In a futile attempt to avoid being gotten up for the sole purpose of filling the bowl, the cats get fed once a day in the afternoon. Also, it is usually MD's duty.

On the other hand, if goodies had been presented I'm sure they would have accepted them.

They are just social in the morning when it's quiet.

Mine haven't got to the point of insisting on special water, but their water bowl is quite large and changed every day, but Boo does come an tell me it's my (O-7's not Boo's) bedtime. Once I retire, he kisses me good night and then wanders off to do cat stuff.

I do like trip and yowl. I've sent the kitten flying twice because she walks in front of me right when I'm bringing my foot forward while I'm too, trying to walk. I just wind up scooping her up and she's off.

They do it on purpose.

It certainly seems like it when they move to be where a foot is coming down. Or sprawl across an entire step.

How about a 'hesitate' or 'waver of cats'. I'm thinking a gang of Frosties standing and staring out the open doorway, all trying to make up their mind whither and when to go out.

There is something about a cat that does not love a closed door.

Maybe a 'survey'?

Good one, or contemplate.