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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

So, we went down to the lakefront in Wilmette last night for fireworks. I thought I'd play with the fancy camera.

Unfortunately, I waited for the last minute to bone up on taking pictures of fireworks and MD felt it was much more important that she share her day full of My Gym Partner is a Monkey, it Idid sound good, and various other cartoons. My FIL loaned me a tripod to take with but I decided it would be too much hassle in the dark. In short, I was unprepared.

So, as usual, we walk down the alley at the last minute but get to the park while the bands are still playing.

Then the kids need glowy things. Evidently Grandpa thought MD was too old for glowy things as she queued on her own then wandered off looking for a shorter queue and then wandered back.  Meanwhile, the other kids were all glowed up.

Suffice it to say we didn't get a premo spot and the spot we got we settled into about two minutes before the fireworks started. Actually this was fine as the spot was perfectly adequate.

So, I'm madly snapping pics with the camera going dead intermittently. It finally dawned on me it was taking 30 seconds to capture each picture. And, of course, I'm jerking the camera around trying to get the camera to respond during the exposure. As it happens, the pictures ended up looking sort of cool though not precisely like fire works. Here is one:

Well, once I realized what was going on, I fiddled with the camera bit and it was more responsive. For all I know, I turned on the flash. I still needed the tripod.

it started to rain so I switched to the cheap camera. I was much more successful but I still needed the tripod.

Here are MD and her cousins demoing their glowy things. The littlest had a glowy mouth piece but it was dead by this time.

In other news, MD found the trailers for the new Die Hard flick appealing, even though it stars Mac instead of PC, but she felt she should bone up. So last Thursday was #1. "John McClane would so kick Voldemort's ass." Don't ask me how Voldemort came into it. Maybe it was the presence of Snape.

Saturday was #2. I tried to convince her to skip it but she is my daughter and had to watch in order. I think she wishes she skipped it.

Today we had #3 which I have always liked and I think MD enjoyed it too.  So, we are all prepped. I've got tomorrow and Friday off so we should be able to do both Die Hard and Transformers.

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Even though it was messed up, that first picture is still kind of cool.

Good thing too 'cuz I got more.

I dunno, I really like the first one, what with the squiggly colors and all.

Let the world know what you thought of Die Hard...son #2 is pumped about Harry Potter coming out next Wed. himself. Of course, he'll come home all bitchy about they left this out or that wasn't part of the book, how dare they do such a thing?! He has with every other HP movie so far, so why should this one be any different?

Let the world know what you thought of Die Hard.

Like you'll be able to muzzle me!

After your reaction to pirates though, I'll only assume you're an easy sell.

Well, sure, give me a shipload of loony Captain Jack Sparrows and even I might get lucky.

Hot navy teens, window washers and she's still not satified - that's my Ouatic!

Wait, what were numbers 1,2 3?

Die Hard made you think of Snape because who could ever forget *initiate fake German accent* adorable Hans Gruber.

I like the fireworks effect, but my personal fav was the glow-lite show. Friday night, Anna bit into one of those glow lights (after I'd told her to take the darn thing out of her mouth) and her cheek was glowing. And they tell us they're non-toxic. I dunno.

I don't think she's actually supposed to chew them.

I know, the plastic is bad for your teeth.

So was this a stick or one of the dealies that are supposed to give you a glowy mouth?

Either way, if you are still worrying about it now, she's probably fine.

You're right, I called to make sure. It was a glowy bracelet but Anna is still young enough to want to annoy me by chewing!

I like the fireworks pictures. They came out fairly well.

It's almost like being there.

I liked Die Hard I, but Die Hard II stopped me from seeing Die Hard III. I am curious about Die Hard IV, the promos looked promising.

It's almost like being there.

Well, minus, the crowds, the noise and the rain.

It's actually the first year I've done the fireworks in awhile and I just wanted to mess around with the camera which was pretty salutary.

The first one reminds me of the crazy visuals we see in the music players ^_^ And how was transformers? I am most curious as I've heard both good and bad things so far. Heh. And I barely remember anything of Die Hard 2. It's probably a good thing ;p

Didn't do either new movie yet.

Die Hard 2 is both the stupidest and grimmest of the series. Baddies have taken control of Dulles and won't let planes land so all they can do is circle until they crash. For some reason they can't land at National or Baltimore.

Maybe they don't have enough gas to get to the other airports >.>

Of course, I thought that's what highways were designed for. You know, those 1 mile straightaways periodically along them... Then again, that's probably only for military aircraft. Civilians don't warrant special treatment. *nods*

/random sarcasm ^_~

National is the second Washington airport and Baltimore serves Washington, as well. It's like if terrorists held O'Hare and they made the planes circle O'Hare instead of landing at Midway or Milwaukee.


Oh dear. Poor civilians ;p They're just doomed! Of course, we're supposed to realize there aren't any airports near by because that would ruin their evil master plan!

Then again, who'se worse off? The terrorists for thinking their master plan wouldn't fail or the americans who didn't realize the airports were so close to them ^_^