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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
If It's Saturday, This Must Be Pic Spam!

We were fascinated when these guys showed. We wondered how often they wash the windows and whether they do it in the winter. It takes a few seconds over a minute for this guy to do two adjacent windows, then he drops to the next floor. I will say, however, that his work was not streak free.

This is the talented and lovely parsnip_chan with myself. Not the best picture but that's what I get for letting someone else drive.

Unfortunately, did not get much chance to chat with Parsnip due to the press of my duties.

Speaking of Parsnip, I have been in a massive FMP mood for the last couple of weeks so I am finally reading the FMP novel I downloaded last fall from links she provided. 

I was curious if a more recent version existed and found the chapters had been pulled. They were pulled because Tokyopop has licensed the novels and the first one is being published in September.

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It's cool when you get to meet someone from lj in RL.


So when do I get to meet the lovely and talented InuSaga?

Psst, she's really a spam-bot. Oh wait that's Noko.

You've replaced Navy/movie-guy so easily?

Wow, you're stalking skills are da bomb! You actually got her to meet you in person, whoot! Your hair color - nice.

Oh, he was nice kid and, as you can see from the picture, there is ample of me to go 'round.

Next up, meeting Nelson and Noko in person!

Do you think you could pay for my ticket up - that'd be fantastic. Noko can walk, she's closer. Ample, no the term is supposed to be 'brick house'.

But I'll have to walk uphill and she can just scoot sideways.

I'm jealous of these real life meetups of LJ contacts; mind you, if I'd been better organized, I could have groped Fano and Forth in person this summer. *pouts*

What's 'FMP'?

Hey! What happened to the henna? When did you go blonde?

We should organize our own mini-con for mature LJ anime fans.

Full Metal Panic is a very high concept series about a 17yo boy, Sagara Sousuke, who has been a soldier most of his life, at least since he was 8 and a guerrilla in Afghanistan, sent to bodyguard a supposedly normal (if she was normal she wouldn't need a bodyguard, right?) girl, Chidori Kaname, in a regular Japanese HS.

It has culture clash and romantic comedy but also pathos about Sagara's situation that he doesn't have any future other than soldiering. Some of the story arcs are very dark.

I'm still hennaing away; it's more auburn than blond.

Y'know... that could be fun!

*nods* I've heard of FMP, but wasn't aware of the plotline. I figured it was a rip-off of 'Full Metal Alchemist' with a title like that. On that note, I can cheerfully say that 'Buso Renkin', the new series by 'Rurouni Kenshin' creator Nobuhiro Watsuki, is an utter disappointment. Rips off FMA and Bleach, believe it or not... and not very well, either.

In the photo, it looks much blonder than I remember from the last pic of your fair self posted. My hair continues to turn out fire-rat red!

This is pretty close to the color it was when I was younger so I am happy with it.

We should organize our own mini-con for mature LJ anime fans.

Just let me know when you're done.

What do you mean by that?

Meaning you should do all the organizing work, so that I can reap the benefits of said hard work.

Okay fine I'd help.

Ooooh. Nice pics. Mine are always so iffy. I read part of the instruction book and found out there are 'settings'. It's a point and click, but only if you make it be. Der.

Ample. I be ampler. R had to get a new (bigger) bra and today for the first time she wore a tank top and I got on the subject of bras. and their straps. and breasts. I said it was nice to have breasts and I didn't really have much going on up there til I married my first husband and gained 40 pounds; even then my bra size was only 36C which is her size now.

She looked at me speculatively because now I'm somewhere in the 190-200 range. (we don't have a scale) "They're only 38C," I said. "If I lose weight the boobs go first."

She looks at hers and smiles. "That must suck," she said.

Another photography technique I find very useful, and the reason I love digital, is editing out the less flattering portions of the picture.

I'm probably about 190 myself.

Slap R upside the head for her condescension.