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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Asmodeus is Home

and I'm so happy.

It was just the CMOS by the way.


Mood: happyhappy

glad to hear he's alive and kicking. My laptop screen was destroyed by step-daughter and I'm happy to say I've found someone who claims he can replace it for me (for free) if I supply the part.

Two lives saved.

*high fives in a spastic white manner*

I must be tired. I understand nothing.


Back in the olden days the CMOS kept track of the date and time on the PC when it was shut down. When the battery ran out, the machine would still boot but it would think it was 1/1/1980 or something like that.

Apparently, my PC forgets more than the date when the battery runs out and my battery that was supposed to last 2 to 10 years lasted 6 months.

I don't know what a CMOS is, but if you're happy, I'm happy.


It's just so nice to have my proper tools back.

And a CMOS is...?

I'm mucking with a site selling USB and DVI extensions for your OEM, so my saturation point for acronyms has been reached.

Glad your snakey-boy is back!

Apparently the CMOS isn't actually a CMOS any more:


Its the memory that remembers your PC's settings when the power is off. My 2 to 10 year battery ran out after 6 months.

Surely this is covered by a warranty of some sort? Six months is rather shy of two years!

I got the two to 10 years off of Wikipedia and there's only a 30 day warranty on the box but I count myself off relatively cheaply.

Okay, so you named your laptop...any other things we DON'T want to know about? :o

Ummm, my laptop is Onee-san.

You need names on a network. At work we have a server named Noodles.

I've never successfully named a car, though.