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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

The army phoned MD.
She was too busy killing things to talk to them.

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She's more of a Merchant Marines type anyway.

I think she needs a career that involves ranting; she may as well get paid for it.

She might find a place in entertainment biz?

On the one hand, as a proud and fond parent, I firmly believe she has the talent. She makes me laugh. On the other hand, I'd hat to advocate that she wager her future on a crapshoot like that.

She could be the first to mix comedy and violin, or has that been done?

The air force sent mine a mailing. It's now a bookmark.

She didn't want to fly?

Not even a blip on her screen.

I'm sure they'll call back. The Marines came after me.

How many?

Just one recruiter, if I recall.

My just-graduated senior has been getting tree droppings from all four main branches of the service. His answer? "No friggin' way!"

Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard?

I, sad to say, dropped out of the Coast Guard Academy after less than a week.

ha! i read this just as i heard my son's whoot of joy at beating his own sniper record. he's trying out for teh High School rifle team next year and says no way will be go into the military to use said skill.... or hunt animals. ''''ooooookkkkkkaaaaaayyyyyyy....

good for MD. the army doesnt' really need any more body count

She actually spoke to the guy today. Said she felt sorry for him as he tried, desperately, to sell her:

Recruiter: Are you involved in any school activities?

MD: Orchestra

R: Umm, we have a band...

MD was not convinced the Army band had a crying need for violinists.

XD smart kid


I didn't know they were doing that. I would have freaked. out. if Rachel got a call from the military. Now that I know, maybe not so much, but it seems so wrong.

It's like they come into your house looking for your kid.

Maybe it depends on where you live?

I think a fairly high percentage of graduates in our area join the service so it may be more worth it to call individuals. Also, the school has a visible NJROTC program so the services are more visible on campus.

Anyways, when she finally talked to the guy she said she was going to college.

Now I just have to get her working on figuring out which one.

Gotta love video games. (
please, tell me it was video games....)

If you like.