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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
The Last Cicada Post*

One of the guys made this for me over the weekend. I wonder how his wife felt about that?

* For 17 years.

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Tune: Rocky Horror Picture Show - [Rocky Horror Picture Show [Original Soundtrack], The #01] Science Ficti

You have to admit, it is kind of cool. ^_^

And not cheap considering all the photo stock and ink he used to print it.

I plan to hang it where it won't be in my line of vision. On the other hand, will I fret about being pounced on by a giant cicada?

Think of the colors. The colors are lovely. He is so huge, he doesn't want to be in your hair. Just lead him down to the main concourse of the building and let him out on the trees. He may join the evil swans within the enclosure.

Now that would be something completely different.

He is about swan size. Maybe he would chase off the gnats?

*tries not to be jealous*

Too bad all the real ones are still going at it down here. Noisy buggers; I can hear them over the air-conditioning.

I found one on our newspaper yesterday, but for the most part they're far enough away we don't hear them unless we visit.

Usually when a boy gives a girl a bug it's serious.

I thought that was cats?

Guys never make me cicada posters. It's been years since I've even gotten a mix tape. *pout*

It's been years since I got a mix tape, myself, I got a mix CD of J-pop last year, though. It's the red hair even if I do help it along nowadays.

Wow, how do you beat that? I'm having trouble keeping up with your other admirers.

It's not a race
but you could send me along some fancy, non-cicada containing chocolates.

Wow... that's some... heee-yoooge cicada...

*tips head; studies image*

Maybe you should buy him a new colour ink cartridge so his wife forgives his extravagance?

*grin* Ah-ha! A view into O-7's inner psyche! The two discs labelled 'S' & 'M' next to her black-wall-thingie!

Not just me. Everyone on the team has those S and M cards. I won't tell you about the team building exercises...

Hhhhmmmm. I think I would get nervous with a bug that size looking over my shoulder while I worked!

I don't even like to touch pictures of arthropods.

I will try to move it to a corridor so everyone can enjoy it.