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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
O-7 Spews Out Even More Pictures

So, last Saturday MD took her SAT. It was rescheduled from May at the last minute. Because of the rescheduling she couldn't take it close to home so she opted for Evanston.

Evanston is a 40 minute drive and she had to be there by 7:30. There went my leisurely tea.

So what to do while waiting on her? She had no idea how long the thing was which made me reluctant to drive home only to have to drive back before I could get properly settled.

I lived in Evanston from 1970 to 1987 so I opted to take my DSLR that I still don't have doped out and play tourist, taking photos of my old stomping grounds.

I dropped MD off at ETHS about 7:15 and headed to the lake.

I took a slew of pictures at the lake but with the best will in the world I can't convince myself that they are anything other than boring. The water was calm. The kayakers were too far away for detail. There were no sailboats. I took a picture of a tiger striped  dog. The picture was good enough that it revealed the dog to be a wet golden. I took a picture of Northwestern but it is dull and I have nothing to say about it. However, just to prove I was there, sparkles!

Next, I drove down Forest Avenue to the apartment pilgham and I lived in from 1983 to 1987.  We lived on the third floor. That arched window was our living room. We had a good sized living room and master bedroom with a teeny second bedroom we used for our computers. The (single) bath was immense; the kitchen small but workable; free laundry in the pink house next door; walking distance to the El and grocery shopping. We were living pretty high except for having to walk through our landlord's house to get to our apartment.

Our landlady was a friend of my mother's. There was just something about her that put my back up. She could have given me a million dollars and irritated me as she did it. To be fair, though, the only really concrete thing I can point to is over dressing for our wedding because they were going to a fancier do after.

Pretty flowers to play with the macro mode:

Then I drove down Oakton to the junior high I attended, Oscar M. Chute Middle School. Note the penal institution look and feel.

Oddly, I have actually been inside within the last 5 years or so.  The local contingent of Savoy Aires have their performances in the auditorium and my FIL is affiliated with them. I was compelled to attend a show before I realized he did the ticketing rather than performing.

Don't get me wrong, I have been known to enjoy Gilbert and Sullivan but not as performed by this company.

More pretty flowers..

Then I drove down Oakton to Dodge to the house I lived in from 1970 to 1983.

I arrived there the morning of December 7th having driven from Manhattan Beach, CA with my mother. I was excited to be living where there was snow! (That didn't last the winter.) Seeing as the day was young yet, my evil parents enrolled me in school and I started that very afternoon. Oh, the humanity!

My room was the window on the second floor left.

When we moved in, all the trim was bright blue, including the metal roofs over the entry and the bow window. My mother had them redone into pretty much the colors in the picture.

In California I never had alleys so they were a revelation to me. Between walking the dog, looking for variety in my commute, picking raspberries and rummaging for treasures I spent a surprising amount of time in them.

This is a view from my old house directly across the street. I found a dress in the trash that I wore to school for a couple of years. Looking back, the thing that stuns me is not that I wore clothing I had trash picked but I used to wear dresses, voluntarily.

Anyways, the alley behind my house was nicer but I don't have an anecdote about it.

Next, I proceeded up Dodge to ETHS.  This is the original 1890-ish school with a bit of one of the newer wings (on the left). Not that new because it was there when I started in 1974. When I attended, that second floor, under the clock, was the library. It was very pretty, as I dimly recall.

When we drove up, MD was very impressed. Her school is about a third the size of ETHS.

I've always assumed this chimney is part of the original power plant for the high school. Regardless, I find it somehow appealing in its sturdy, Victorian brickitude.

Just so there would actually be some interesting pictures, I left Evanston behind.

And because I can never miss taking pictures of maintenance -- if only there had been a scaffolding on Stone Henge....

Gardens surround the temple and I took more flower pictures.

I especially like the colors in this one.

This iron bridge, built in 1908, is right behind the temple. It's cool. It vibrates when cars drive across. This is especially noticeable if you are standing in the middle attempting to take pictures.

On the other side of Sheridan from the temple is this marina:

The reason MD selected Evanston for her test was so she could go to Joy Yee Noodles after.

Some of the traditional fake food in the window. And, yes, some meals do come served in bamboo logs.

Everyone eats at Joy Yee which I am trying, and failing, to show here.

Then we drove home and I napped for the rest of the day.


Tune: Quintet of the Hot Club of France - [1938-1939, Vol. 2: Classic Recordings by Quintette du Hot Club

Those came out really nice. I love the first one of the water, but they're all so clear. How can they keep the filigree on that building so clean? The colours of the flowers all came out well too. I have to edit all the pics I take to correct colours (and hide stains). D:

When we went to the zoo last month, to me pilgham's pictures looked gray next to mine. His camera, which used to be my camera, is three years old and the cover has a tendency to open in the case. I suggested the lens might need cleaning but we have not verified if that was the issue.

I certainly have been known to pump up the color but for these my edits were just cropping. I think that's because most are outdoors and because of the ISO on the DSLR goes to 3200 (I think, something like that) and my compact does 2000. P's camera is, as previously mentioned, older and only has a maximum ISO of 400 which is pretty standard.

NOTE: ISO is about the only photography jargon I know and it's the light sensitivity.

Good photos. I especially like the one of the water, because to me it looks like The Lake. (I'd guessed South Blvd. beach, though after reading I suspect Dempster.) But then I'm quite partial to The Lake.

I should note that Evanston has been paving the alleys for a few years, now. They all used to be just big dirt road, chock full o' potholes. Those were the days, eh?

Mmmm, noo00odles.

Centennial Park, I just drove east from ETHS.

Went back and took a look at the picture of the alley behind my old house. Looks like it might have been paved but it was long enough ago that it has again become overgrown and green. However, the trash cans ar ethe big plastic city issue ones which are hard to trash pick from.

They have eel, too.

That's a really nice house you used to live in, as well as your first apartment. Old-syle buildings are awesome! The house we're in was built in 1867, but it's a crappy old clapboard-long-gone-covered-over-by-vinyl-siding job that simply isn't big enough. The story goes that once upon a time it had a big wraparound porch on it, but judging by the size of the lot, I can't imagine it, except for the fact that we have a door that drops off three feet in our living room.
Nice pics of the neighborhood.

It must be convenient to have a door to send unwanted guests out of, "Oh, yes, the powder room is right through there."

Nowadays, we live in a townhouse built out of cardboard with a one car garage and, worse, a one car driveway.

However, it is quite large for a townhouse and, if we weren't insane pack rats, emphasis on the rat, probably would be big enough.

You take a mean picture, girl. So, how did the daughter do? I guess she wouldn't know yet, but how does the think she did?

She thought the math was easy, didn't comment on the rest.

Forgive the Wet Coast rubbernecker... but what kind of temple is that? Is it a mosque? We dun have nuthin' like that in these here parts!

We have a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Victoria's Chinatown that we like to slurp noodles at, called the Foo Hong. Everyone is seated at big communal tables regardless of whether you arrived together or not.

Nice macro pics, especially of the peonies! I'd better go take a couple of my roses to show off...

Word. Back alleys are essential components of a happy childhood. I don't think I ever walked on a paved road all summer, as our neighbourhood had an extensive network of alleyways full of blackberry bushes, kittens, apple trees, racoons, secret hideouts and grass snakes.

Thanks for sharing your old neighbourhood jaunt!

It's the Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois. As there are only 7, I believe it is the only one in North America.


The filigree and tracery is outstanding! Thanks for the link. We have a Baha'i International School down-Island, but it certainly doesn't have any structure that looks like this anywhere on the campus!

Nice of you to take us along on your trip down memory lane. I can't belive your parents made you attend school for half a day - sheez - what'd they think you were missing there. Both your apartment and house were both quite pretty, especially surrounded by pines. Very pleasant place, it seems.

Still, why'd they throw out a perfectly good dress in the first place, that's what I wanna know? Oh and I'd also like to know why you were digging through your neighbor's trash too.

Well, the dress was kelly green which is OK on a fair skinned auburn haired person but it's not for everyone. I suspect that's why it was thrown out.

Obviously, I was rooting through the trash looking for treasures. It's the nice thing about alleys; they are a tad more discrete for that sort of thing.

I used to have a thing for empty boxes by the curbside - hard to resist those.

Do you still wear kelly green?

Not so much. You?

One of my favorite tees.

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Everyone is asleep so it seemed like fun to display the tee creatively.

They're so cute when they are comatose.

I'm sure it's much cuter with you in it.