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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Can You Hear Us Now?

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(no transcription available)

Sorry I held the phone too close...

It didn't really come across on the phone but there was a wall of cicada sound.

Better recording of the cicadas:

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Ah, the song of the cicada. The ones I remember from childhood really came up with something like a woo-woo sound.

Were they annual cicadas?

The big ones. 7 year, or was it 17? Anyway, they were huge.

I didn't look for any on this trip. I didn't want to know that the little bastards were in the tree overhead 'cuz, like you said, huge.

They haven't started in earnest down here (So. IL) yet, but I know they're on their way. I remember the last big outbreak of cicadas were absolutely deafening; thank goodness I was inside a closed car with the A/C going full blast, opening the windows was horrible.

Our house was built in '73 so we have to go to the forest preserve or drive by it to hear them.

However, my FIL called and, apparently, pilgham couldn't hear his dad over the bugs. Their house was built in 1873.

I can't hear them at all on the URL, but can -a bit- on the voice post. I do know how deafening they are. Ours haven't come out yet. I had never heard them up close and personal til I moved to Arizona. They're ungodly loud.

...and ugly.

I hope we get toads/frogs this year. They're as bad as cicadas when they're mating. They sound like bears. I too, shall then post.

Given a choice I'd much rather have the frogs. The neighbor 1/2 mile away had a tree full a couple years ago. I don't know how she stood it. They were deafening at our house, hers must have been unbearable. The frogs only last a couple of days.

I'd prefer frogs, myself. They are much cuter.

Kind of nice reminder of nature, like watching a big rainstorm happen. But I'm sure it gets old.

Nature? Ewww!

I know, you're just in it for the bugs.