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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Mr. Lee's CatCam

Even more shamlessly gacked from bibliofile than she gacked it from james_nicoll:

Mr. Lee CatCam! (Mr. Lee is the kitty)

Mr. Lee's old man mounted a tiny camera to his collar set to take a photo every minute. Now you can see what cats really do all day.

No point in putting one on Evil, though. She spends her days sleeping and plotting ill towards Boo. Boo, on the other hand, spends his days sleeping and jumping Evil with amorous intent.

In other news, saw the first Naruto movie at the cinema last night, dub of course. It was a one time only dealy and my local theater sold out. Lots of small fry and surprisingly few cosplayers.

Once we got past an intro by the American voice actors, and some of the Japanese actors, about how good the movie was going to be, the movie was very good. It did pay to see it on the big screen. After, there was a featurette on the making of which was much to heavy on the American actors and used lots, really lots, of the same footage as the intro.

My companion surmised that many a small child was traumatized to discover that Naruto is voiced by woman who looks to be about 5' and 200 pounds. In fact, he was traumatized.

Edit 9:30 CT

So I made tacos for dinner, first time in quite a while. pilgham stocked up on the requisite perishables: potatoes, tomatoes and onion.

I get the meat, potatoes and onion cooking and go to the pantry to dig out the necessary spices. Unfortunately, I can't find any chili powder, cayenne or oregano. I rampaged though the cabinet, stirring the already well tossed mess, to no avail. OK, I can omit the oregano but chili powder and cayenne are kind of required...

I deided that since I last made tacos I had tossed out elderly spices with the plan to replace them when required. Unfortunately, that had been so long ago tha I had forgotten about it.

In the end, I raided a chili kit.

pilgham said the tacos were excellent and MD, who doesn't like tacos, had seconds but that could have just been starvation.

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I hope Mr. Lee doesn't get hit by a car. I'd love to put one of these on the kitten but she's too little. The only other cat we have that could qualify as active spent yesterday eating baby birds. I think I'll keep an eye on Mr. Lee. The commentary is pretty good.

They're not showing the Naruto movie anyplace near here. I would have loved to go see it. Out here anything like that is considered 'against God'. It sounds like you had a great time even if the rl stuff was repetitive.

It wasn't RL, it was part of the movie. It might not have been so sucky if they had actually been there but this was all over the country in 'select' theaters. I did have a good time though.

My companion was a very nice young man (young enough to be my brat) who I met for the first time last night but he seemed like good company. And lonely. I think he's new to the area.

Lucky the young man ran into you. A movie is always a little more pleasant if you have someone to sit with.

The tacos sound good. I haven't made them for a while. I am not so creative with mine. I use the pre-packaged taco seasoning (I'm so ashamed). I used to love to cook, but cooking for these 2 is a waste of time.

My regular taco recipe is just a recipe for a packet of seasoning. The potatoes are my own addition, though.

I just buy the packets of seasoning mix. I figured I can't go wrong.

*trying to imagine Naruto's voice actress*

That's the problem with you youngsters today, wanting life too easy.

Uh, aren't you my age?

Remember, I never cook so when I do cook I have to "cook".

And it is a base slander that I use McCormick's for spaghetti sauce.

Maile Flanagan:

See a closeup here:


Wow. So that's Naruto.

It's a new recipe - chili-tacos. I made tacos last night as well. Do you think that's on the same level as Anna the psychic?

So who was your mysterious companion in the movie? *seethes with jealousy*

I looked at the cat pictures and I think they're too good. I think those other cats were hunted down by a guy with a camera who was willing to crawl underneath cars.

I telepathically forced you to make the tacos; do not compare Anna's meager powers to mine! *MWA HA HA!*

He was a very nice young man, 25, got out of the navy last December and pretty cute. And before you ask, not a relation.

I don't know...I think a guy crawling around under the car ight make them scamper. He probably just selected the best of Mr. Lee's pics. I know I take a lot more than I post.

Nooo, please don't make me do the dishes! Please no!

Can't convince me that those cats weren't posing under there!

25 and just out of the Navy, eh. Guess I won't be jealous if I can have all the details. Have you seen him with his shirt off yet?

Guess I won't be jealous if I can have all the details.

What? And destroy all the mystery?

I think Baby would end up taking lots of footage of her foot in different positions of sleep. She only seems to actively prowl after breakfast.

I don't know about Baby but Boo has tres cute toes so it would be worth it.