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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Pic-Spam A-Go-Go Again

Just some random pictures from around town...

Poor DB! What did he do to deserve this?

My company is releasing a new version of our product this month. To commemorate, they gave all the employees refrigerator poetry:

The black swans, again:

Better picture of the heron at work:

More herons on a pond between my house and the grocery store:

And from the same trip to the store, goslings!

Cicadas coming up. Younger and more sensitive viewers may wish to eschew the remaining photos











We are currently 'enjoying' the 17 year cicadas. pilgham is fascinated by them so he kept going to the forest preserve looking for them. Eventually, he found them. Naturally, he then had to drag me to see them.

Here is one up close and personal.

At the same time P was showing me the cicadas, there was family with two young kids, a girl and a boy about 10. They were looking in the wrong place so P sent them over to here:

The little boy said, "Fuck!"

However, this area was already past it. Here's what it looked like a day or two before:

The little holes are where they came out of the ground:


Those cicadas are pretty damn awesome-looking. I haven't ever seen any down here, woe.

Ugh. You're not missing anything.

And what it is about gosling day care? The other day I saw two geese herding about twenty goslings around. You just know that somewhere else there were some geese parents sighing in relief and watching X-rated videos, or sleeping, or something.

Nature, slimy and chitinous and bst not discussed at dinner...

Do you think the other geese parents are like those parents who send there kids to the neighbors, day after day?

I'm just glad I have to go to the forest preserve to see them...

Wow. That's a lot of cicadas. I imagine it's pretty noisy. And that little boy needs a major lesson in manners.

They are loud; you can hear them from the main drag going by the forest preserve.

I think the kid was just shocked into profanity by the profusion of insects. If I hadn't been prepared by pilgham's pics, I would have been, too.

Therewere a lot of creepy crawlies.

Well they're not as ugly as roaches...but those eyes! Those red eyes! :shivers:

And they only arrive in hordes...

Nighmares! You're giving me nightmares!

If we really loved our cats we would have brought them some cicadas to play with.

Oh, well.

But if you'd brought one home you might've woken up with an orange-eyed cicada staring you in the face. (bent on revenge)

You make me miss Minnesota *sigh* I used to love feeding the ducks around Lake of the Isles. It's probably a parking lot by now. Aren't the herons cool? We have one that hangs out around the back of our field by the irrigation canal. If we can get our pond to stay filled we hope he'll come closer to the house.

Our cicadas hatch someplace remote (everything here is remote) thank god! They do come to the mulberry trees to hang out and buzz. It's deafening. I have never seen them emerge from the ground in hordes like that. I would probably have said, "Fuck!" too. I hope the flycatchers and swallows make short work of them. Are you close to the preserve? If so it's going to get wicked loud at your house.

I have heard that cicadas are repelled by refrigerator magnet poetry. It's in the Farmer's Almanac, if I remember correctly.

I am aobut to lose my electricity to high winds.

I'm blase about the geese but, yeah, the herons are still cool, especially when I can get right up close like that.

US45 is between here and the forest preserve. It's a lot louder than any bugs yet far enough away that we don't hear it, maybe because we always have the house shut up tight.

Good to know that I won't have to worry about cicadas on my office desk.

Hoping your electricity is still with you.