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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
O-7 At World's End

I saw Pirates Saturday. I actually liked it more than the second one. Here are my comments. They may be a bit spoilery, though I've tried to minimze that, so click on the cut at your own risk.

Nitpicky Cons:

  • Not enough Chow Yun-Fat

  • Calypso was unintelligible. For all I know, she said, "You are a bunch of big meanies!"

  • Norrington was the writer's butt monkey. In 1, he's all righteous but not in a dickish way. In 2 he's only out for himself. In 3 he's all, "So sorry," without any development to lead to the change.

  • When Jack reached for his "piece of 8" I figured it was a feint because he's always so twisty.

  • Did I mention there wasn't enough Chow Yun-Fat?

  • Is the one-eyed pirate Rosetti? Is his stockier buddy Pintel? In any case, they are my OTP for the series and they weren't in 3 enough.

  • Elizabeth's rousing speech actually roused the pirates. The guy sitting next to me made a crack about Spartans.

  • Barbossa has become neutered. Origianlly he was genuinely scary and intimidating.

  • My grasp of classical mechanics may be weak, but it seemed to me that loosing the cannons would result in, worst case, at least one of them going though the side of the ship or, best case, just piling up on one side of the ship. According to all the age of fighting sail novels I have read, a loose cannon is a very, very bad thing.

  • There was about as much Chow as there is pork in a tin of pork and beans.


  • I love humorous adventures but in 2, I think humor was emphasized at the expense of the story. This was remedied in 3.

  • Unlike some, I hate love triangles.

  • The eye candy. The scene at World's End with the crabs and the ship? Not only had I not seen that before, I had never imagined such a thing!

  • While there is certainly room for a sequel, 3, unlike 2, actually had an ending. Being a typical American, I like endings that tie everything up nice and pretty with cherries in a bowl. The ending for 3 wasn't like that but it worked for me.

  • Plural Jacks

  • Will was made of awesome.

Congratulations to well deserved awards for  fenikkusuken, l_poetica, butteryasha, alterfano, paynesgrey, zarzal, manonlechat and the other winners at the IYFG.

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I'd think a loose canon would be dangerous too. I've never watched the pirate movies but I might laterish.

But not enough Chow Yun-Fat :(

Even if you skip 2 and 3, the original is a must see. Apparently, more amusement park rides should be made into movies.

I read all about it at the Movie Spoiler. I can wait for it to come out on video. The thing that annoyed me about two was more than half the time I couldn't tell what the hell Davey Jones was saying, Calypso not so much. And that there were no ninjas.

Still no ninjas and no kung fu thugs. Why throw in the Chinese if you aren't going to throw in some kung fu thugs?

According to IMDB, Mummy 3 not only has Li but also Michelle Yeoh who is pretty darn cool, too.

I had to go look up who that was. I still haven't seen Memoirs.

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Unlike some, I hate love triangles.


Oh come on! The multible Jacks was just silly.

I think i would have been more impressed with the at world's end scenes if I hadn't been spoiled last year. I knew about the possibility of crab-sailing, since I downloaded a spoiler script that was floating around late last summerish/early fall that went all the way up to the point where Chow Yun-fan dies. Surprisingly, it turned out to be legit. I would have liked to have seen more Chow yun-fat as well as more Norrington.

Will was a bit sexy in the end with his little bandanna. Jack, on the other hand, was highly unsexy to me this time around.

I concur on the non-sexiness of Jack and the silliness of multiple Jacks but I liked that because it was somewhat amusing and yet convincingly mad.

Neutered for Barbossa was a bit harsh too, doncha think? Yes, he was meaner in the first. Director sort of changed his character around to suit his purposes didn't he? But I like this Barbossa too - was cooler than Ringo Starr as a pirate.
</controversial statement) Johnny Depp is still plenty-sexy though. ;)

Bridie says, "Not enough Keith!"

Small role, big presence.

Funny nose too, I'm told.

i would add that i thought the battle at the end was awesome. and i agree. liz's speech WAS rousing. amazing. i liked Barbossa in this one. i thought he was funny and still a little scary...

plural jacks was hilarious. very funny.

calypso was.... a wasted opportunity.


Yeah, the whole Calypso thing went nowhere.