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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Gods and Goddesses!

Random photos from the last week...

My daughter, the fed...

OK a somewhat rumply fed...

Black swans penned on the retention pond at work:

I thought this license plate was pretty clever but he should have just gone with Hg:

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Tune: Waller, Fats - [Strictly Instrumental #18] Blue, Turnin' Grey Over You

Darn, your daughter is getting grown.

17 this summer.

Lucky devil.

Your daughter looks like a Blues Brother. She's a natural really.

I can't read the plate, do I need glasses?

The plate says "QWIK AG".

Let's see qwik hg. Uh....

That was me being pretentious. If the plate had just said "HG" I wouldn't have gotten it either, would have thought it was someone's initials.

that's a very random post..... cute kid tho. she's maturing nicely.

Well, I got no rants nor the opposite. It's just been a vanilla week but LJ is an endless maw that must be fed.

so true. congrats on your vanilla week. i'll trade you?

I fear, that if we swapped, we would both be lost and I just hate that drowning feeling.

Vanilla is a highly underrated flavor.

Especially with spicy peanut sauce on top.

I like my spicy peanut sauce on spaghetti.

oh no. if we both drowned, how woudl we save each other? ok. bad idea. nix.

vanilla is underrated... however it's usually deserved as chocolate is so much better!

The black swans are beautiful...I don't think I've ever seen one in person. As for the plate, I work with a lady that bought a YELLOW Cobalt last year. Her plate? BRCK RD 1. Go Illinoisans and their creative plates!

My plate is, as you might guess, OUATIC 7. It came first, then I thought, "You know, that makes a good screen name!"

I will take more pics od the swans once they let them out of the pen.

That's not an RX-8 is it? I'm so jealous of all things Mazda. My brother, National Gaurd darling, has an RX-a and it's a beautiful, if expensive, machine. My only ambition regarding cars is to someday own a recently-owned one that doesn't break down once every three months. *sigh*

Why are the black swans penned? They look so sad in those tiny little fences.

It might be an RX-7; I was more interested in the plate.

Having a reliable car is a necessity of life unless you are fortunate enough to live where you can walk or train everywhere.

We also are wondering why the swans are penned. To accustom them to the pond?

They are evil, this is their punishment.

That is certainly why the previous (white) pair were penned.

Quicksilver! It totally makes sense to me ^_^

Mm, and MD looks like a very good Fed. She actually looks like she's been working. ;p

Either working or put on a shirt that had been wadded up on the floor.

You're supposed to be living it up not posting comments on LJ, but I appreciate the thought!

We all be tired. The one friend has been asleep over an hour and the other just went to bed ;p I am awake simply because I refuse to go to sleep before 11!

Even though I really should >.< I am getting older.

Tourism is taxing!

Indeed, indeed! I blame the sun for making me sleeping and by no means does it have anything to do with the copious amount of food we've been munching on all day.