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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

So, pilgham's friend R bought him a Wii.

For years, he has also been urging P to buy the house next door.

I'm beginning to wonder about their relationship.

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Aren't those around four hundred bucks or s/t? You're suspicious - as in Brokeback Mt. suspicious? Maybe you can turn a blind eye if the Wii is fun.

R paid MSRP which, supposedly, is $250 plus tax and P will be reimbursing him but still...

It is always good to have blackmailing material.

You sent me chocolates, so he thought it was okay to flaunt it. He's got another thing coming!


Sauce for goose <> sauce for gander regardless of what gander may think.

Plighams gone wild

Better he learns that lesson now before he gets out of control.

Re: Plighams gone wild

I'm just testing to see if I'm the only one not receiving e-mail alerts.

Re: Plighams gone wild

Mine have been coming in delayed.

Re: Plighams gone wild

My personal LJ alerts aren't coming at all. But these are.

*looks around*

He mentioned reimbursement, but did he mention HOW said reimbursements were supposed to happen? Hmmm??? Maybe R was trying to make up for favors P had done for him! /poor attempt at humor ^^

P mentioned he didn't have cash today yet he has the Wii in his trunk... *sound of great white land shark*

So, pilgham's friend R bought him a Wii.


Any chance you love me that much?

If I could have found a Wii, R wouldn't have needed to buy one for P. But if we end up with two, I'll think of you (and gloat!)

I'd trade Brian for a Wii.

I'd trade Brian for a Wii, too.

How much can we get for him on the open market?

It depends on the demand for passive/aggresive husbands. I'm guessing we could get at least a PS2.

My R wants to know if P's friend R would like to adopt him.

Does R speak Polish?

For a Wii, he'd fake it. SRSLY.