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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Mystery Solved ... But Another Rears Its Ugly Head

So there's this sign board I passed on Sunday and got a picture of, couldn't imagine what they were advertising:

I thought maybe a service to get mutated. Or some Chicago women's team.

28 Weeks Later was suggested.

Googling was no help so I put it to the brain trust at the office.

J solved it.

CatchTheGlow.com redirects you to radioactiveenergy.com.

It's depressing, really. They say 'radioactive" but it's just an energy drink in a glow in the dark can. The new mystery? Why do they think "radioactive" sells?

I am kind of slow off the mark on these things so I suppose I was the last to hear of Diet Coke Plus pumped up with niacin, B6, B12, zinc and magnesium?

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I'm with you. I'd fire the marketing department for that one.

I think it must be aimed at a younger, much younger, demographic cuz it's sure whizzing by me.

It's a nifty looking sign, though.

I've seen that billboard. It always made me go WTF? So it's for an energy drink? Weird!

Have you heard that controversy about the billboard about the Chicago lawyer advertising divorce with all those 'sexy pictures'? LOL. Hilarious.

Re the divorce lawyer, Nah, I'm pretty oblivious. It wasn't Jeffrey Leving, was It? I hate that guy.

No actually it was a woman. It was on the WGN news. I think the billboard is on 294 or something. It created a lot of controversy heralding divorce as a good thing. LOL.

Probably tasts foul.

Probably expensive, as well.

The glowy green eyes are cool until you find out it's for an energy drink.
Never heard of Diet Coke Plus, either. Maybe because I prefer Pepsi?

Well, I'm a Diet Coke drinker but I plan to continue to get my vitamins and minerals the old fashioned way, in a pill.