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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Past Due Memage

I was poking around bibliofile's LJ and I saw these questions for me, from back in January, that I don't think I ever answered.

Okay, five questions for you, Ms. O7:
1. Given infinite resources, what would you spend most of your time doing? Art, craft, or science? The same stuff as you do at your current job? Wrenching cars, like some_mensch? Crocheting lace doilies (as if!)?

You mean, with my infinite resources, I can't just lay around like a bloated tick watching anime and sucking down asceptically packaged sangria?

I used to knit but the only things that ever came out well were things where gauge wasn't very important. This limited my repertoire.

I'm not an artist in any sense but I consider my work a craft and the things I'm likely to have as hobbies are also crafts so I will go with that, and most likely computer related because coding is fun.

2. You write fanfic, and you like animé. Have you ever had the urge to try writing fiction for publishing? Would it be in other people's worlds or your own (or both/either)?

When I was younger, before I realized that A) to be a writer I actually had to write and B) that MD, when she was 13ish was a better writer than I, I used to fantasize about being a writer. I think B could be overcome if I could over come A, but, so far, that isn't happening. Though I do have boatloads (OK a small dinghy's worth) of stuff on my hard drive that has never seen the light of day.

I am always coming up with ideas for other people's characters so I'd be likely to start out that way. I've got a Highlander/Yu Yu Hakusho crossover that is just itching to see the light of day. Likewise the Angel/Yu Yu Hakusho story I already started. Unfortunately, I keep applying the calomine lotion.

3. Animal, vegetable, or mineral?

Mrrrrrow! All animal, of course.

4. If you're a superhero, what are your powers, catch phrase, etc.? Would your costume involve spandex?

My costume would involve fleece because I often get chilly.

My power would be Total Tactlessness, the power to remember every little dumb thing my opponent ever did and bring it up at the most inopportune moment.

My catch phrase, "People are no damn good."

5. Follow up to #4: Who would be your archenemy, another superhero or a villain? And how much would they resemble your spouse, offspring, and/or pets?

Because of my incomplete control of my powers, I imagine I would be shunned by heroes and villains alike. My archenemy would not resemble any family member because they all actually have acquired an immuniity to the power. No, my nemesus would be Miss Manners.

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Nibbles free potato chips, leaves crumbs.

Hey! HEY! HEY!!

Do I have to get all Voodoo on your ass?

::Pushes the pins::

Did I ever mention that I use to work summers at the carny? As a sword swallower? I laugh - Ha! ha! - at your pins!

I have read that sword swallowers seldom die from their hobby. Shall we test?

I am no amateur! I am a professional! I only do it for money!


But of course, that makes you a professional; you naughty, bad, thing, you.