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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
4" of Happiness

Went to Target this morning. Didn't find what I was looking for but I did find this:

I waffled on buying him but pilgham made me. He just wants the cannon.

Here's another shot:

Here's a picture of the real thing (Chow Yun-Fat as Captain Sao Feng):

Captain Sao Feng's MySpace

I just wish I had my camera with me for a picture of the skull sprinkler...

Also, I was excavating a desk stratum from 1999 this morning  and here are some of the things I found:

We see (clockwise):
2 packages of fonts for Windows NT and 9x. pilgham fetched one pack back out of the trash.
A teensy crochet needle -- didn't toss that; it's good for sweater pulls
A US Coast Guard name tag
A hard drive with -- wait for it -- 212 meg
Cough drops -- these actually seem to date to '92. Didn't try them.
AOL 4.0 "As Seen on TV!"

Not shown is a doohickey to convert a 12 pin cable to 25 pins which I hadn't missed in however many years but P couldn't bear to toss.

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Gotta love the scared look.

On Sparrow?

Isn't that what he does? Act all scared like while plotting away?

Yeah, isn't he terrific?

Whoa, Platinum Premier AoL, Lucky Dog!

Ben and I are going to one of the early afternoon showings of Pirates III next week.

sorry, that be Premiere!

Ohhh, Ben is the lucky one.

What about Anna and Ed?

They can come to the movie with me tomorrow. Apparently, I have a free ticket.

Too scary for Anna, but Bell'll sleep through it. Ed can come too, I suppose.

oh very cool! i went to Target today too! (what are the odds of that? 95% maybe?) But all I got was 4 pair of shorts and two T shirts for son #1. Oh. I bought two packs of gum too.

You got a much better haul.

I got a teal polo, too. Did son#1 get a teal T?

hm. no. i saw them, but he won't wear polos and i don't recal T's in teal. he got khaki green and steel blue Ts along with 4 pair of cargo shorts (none of which were fatigues.. he has enough of those)

So, what you're saying is that, if I ever want to have dinner with all three of you, I need to bring some Star Trek fonts and wave them in your direction? Sheesh.

(That name tag is, gosh, the oldest thing there, isn't it.)

Yep! The name tag is from no later than 1980. I must have had it our for Halloween or something.

P is sadly disappointed in the fonts. The set has the symbols and the swooshy font but not the square font that 'The' and 'Font Pack' are written in.

But just tell us when you will be down here and we will have dinner.

Some of that looks like it could have come from my house! Hubby would probably crawl thru the internet cables if he thought he could get his hands on those fonts...the AOHell (as he calls it) you could keep though.
It's probably a toss-up on whether I want to see Pirates or Shrek first-- unemployment benes don't permit weekly movie trips, especially with three kids in tow. Let me know which I should spend my $$ on, k?

I bet your husband would pay good money for that converter doodad P is keeping!

I am less likely to go opening weekend than I was a few years ago but I will probably post something to the effect of thumb's up or down, unless MD goes with, it is really execrable, and we spend the trip home dissecting the movie. That will probably get reported in far too much detail.