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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Tried to Set the Kitchen on Fire Last Night


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Well, there's always tonight, dearest.

*crosses fingers in hope*

Maybe you're not using the right combination of grease, oil, and consumables?

Or perhaps you couldn't suppress your instinctive reflex to play with baking soda ^_^

Paper and natural gas, they are too flaky; I couldn't get a sustained flame.

It was h20 not baking soda, though I was a bit hesitant.

You know what they say... Keep trying, you'll get it right.

LOL. I cook like that. One of the reasons I don't cook. We're not ready to move.

Same here. Not allowed to move until MD graduates HS next summer.

But that's not that far away....

You never fail to set me on fire, no worries.

It's the kerosene.

Thought I smelled something.

Has alterfano's kitchen reno got you scheming?

It does solve the problem of packing to move...

Ah... did I miss a post?

You're moving?

Or is your tongue implanted firmly in your cheek?

I've been wanting to move for years but pilgham said we can't move until MD graduates HS which is next year.

Really, it's not to early to get started on throwing out crap.

Or burning it to a crisp, apparently!

Would you move farther into the 'city', so to speak, or further out into the 'burbs?

My office moved a few months ago and I'd like to be closer which means farther out in the burbs. Unfortunately, Pilgham thinks that area is a hellhole and it is definitely expensive.

Of course, the closer in to the city or closer to the train lines that will take you to the city, the more expensive it is. On the other hand we won't have to worry about the schools.

I'd find out how long the lease is for the space your company now occupies. Five years or less... maybe rent a condo instead of buying?

It's not just the commute...

But renting isn't a bad plan...

When my hubby was transferred, that was the first question out of my mouth and that's why we're still in the same house. As it turns out, he'll be out of there by August 31st and back in his old job in his old workplace.

Just make sure that your homeowner's insurance is for replacement value and not purchase price.

*head desk*

I knew I was forgetting something!

you failed?!?! dammit, and I was hoping for some decent drama on my flist today! But no, instead I'm stuck with merely a tried, no thanks to you! *sticks out tongue*

Yoda would paddle my heinie.