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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
This and That

I want deodorant, not re-odorant!

-- MD on shopping for unscented products

So, I was called into a meeting between my manager and two of the other developers with a problem they couldn't solve. Paraphrased because I felt like it:

Other Developer 1: We're worried that the current design will try to add two dinguses (dingi?) to the frampuses (frampi?) at the same time and it will be madness and death.

O-7: Put the dinguses in a queue.

Manager, OD1, OD2: Ah so!

Granted, this is a common pattern but none of them was able to pull it out of his ass.

Adjustable Breast Implants (Work safe -- not shown installed)

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I love your paraphrases. They make me feel I was there without the aggravation.

MD is wise beyond her years.

I think these are the implants that make cleavage look like it starts happening just above your armpits.


I don't know about wise but certainly verbally facile.

And then allow you to rethink that for up to six months...

Adjustable breast implants? Doesn't that make them even more likely to...well...pop?

Oh, and be warned. I may have to use your paraphrase in a story someday. A dingus sounds like a really odd wild creature native to another planet in another galaxy, far, far away....

Somewhere between a dingo and a degu, perhaps?