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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Heron Today

I saw this bird as I was walking in to  work this morning. I believe it is a great blue heron.

For comparison purposes, here is a good picture of a Great Blue Heron.

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Hmm. You may be onto something. Are great blue herons endangered or something?

Not as far as I know.

They aren't as thick on the ground here as geese or ducks, though.

That is indeed a great blue heron. Plenty of them down here in Florida, though you generally don't see them hanging around residential neighborhoods too much.

Not exactly residential:

Uh...*scratches head* Don't see them hanging around office complexes much either. That is offices, right? Can he possibly be finding food there? I see them a lot on the banks of canals and ponds where they can catch frogs or ducklings or whatever.

You can't see it in the shadows, but there is a pond between the parking structure (left) and the buildings (right). I imagine there are frogs and such.

I predict a fat great blue heron in your future.

I haven't seen it since that day.

It would be nifty if they had food dispensers, buy a frog for a quarter, so one could feed it though.

Do you get to walk to work?! Am very jealous.

If only!

No, instead of driving 12 minutes like I used to, I drive those same 12 minutes then get on 53 for 10 more, then have 1/4 mile walk from the parking structure to the building. However, now that spring is here and I'm not confined to the pedestrian walkway, the walking portion is very pleasant.