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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Quaffing Quandary

Red wine or white with popcorn?

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Mood: confusedconfused
Tune: Kanno, Yoko - [Stand Alone Complex O.S.T. #03] Stamina Rose

Red, definitely. Something about the salty taste.

So, you getting drunk and going to the movies? Guaranteed to make any movie a good one.

Red is what I thought, as well.

Actually, just watching some bit torrents on my PC since MD is doing her
homework by the telly.

I'm eating spighetti and sauce (from a jar) and I think I'll have a little red wine myself, now that I can. Torrents?



Illicitly watching unlicensed or, worse, licensed anime fan subs?

I was watching Victorian Romance Emma.

Is it sweet kettle corn? Or does the popcorn have butter, salt, cheesy-powder-flavor-stuff, or any other seasoning on it?

I'm thinking if it's all buttery like lobster, then bubbly wine is called for (sparkling white or champagne). ^_^

It was kettle corn. I drank a grenache with it because that's what was open.

Battle Agaist Any Raid Five? And I thought you weren't a techie.

Sounds like something I would battle against.

. . . Red?

It's unanimous!

Hmmm. Red. Definately red.

And wow, that sounds like the perfect bedtime snack...
::wanders aimlessly toward the kitchen::

And did you indulge?

Well, of course.
Can't let an excellent idea like popcorn and wine go to waste, now can I?

Banana bread and sherry is better but, alas, I had no banana bread.