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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Not a Lot ... But I'm Still Around

Nothing much has been happening here of late so the only solution is

My office moved on February 26 to the 9th floor of an office in Schaumburg. These are my new digs, no room for toys. Sigh.

Here's the sun coming up over Chicago from the office. However, it's pretty hazy, not to mention dark, so Chicago isn't really visible.

April 11, 2007, from my garage. It's not clear here but if you looked at the full size image you could see it is still coming down. Fortunately, the snow was gone the next day.

This is a retention pond in Mt. Prospect that pilgham showed us today. MD and I are envious and wish our local retention pond had a folly.

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*peers at screen*


You have a 'Bleach' poster!!! With a shirtless Renji!!!


Every neighbourhood should have a mismatched set of artistically weathered Corinthian columns suggestive of drowned ancient civilizations in the middle of the local duck pond. Nice.

It's a calendar and April is the most decorative month!

Our local pond is naked. Columns have been done so I'm thinking a nice Gothick ruin would spruce it up.

Ooh...*drools some more* I thought I recognized that picture as the one from the 'Bleach' calendar leian showed me (I looked for a copy all last fall and never, ever found one!), but... I didn't remember anyone other than smexy Renji and his tattoos so I wasn't sure if it was the same.

*nods* A nice broken-traceried Gothick arch, apparently detached from its transept, would be just the thing. You and MD should suggest it at your next local council meeting...

Hullo! Glad you pointed out the Bleach - I was wondering who the Bish was but was afraid to ask (in case it was someone I should have recognized).

*sighs dreamily* Renji is just the smex. Whole lotta attitude (that he can back up with a big sword) and a really, really hot bod with decorative tattoos.

Must be why she has him just above eye-line. That lecher.

No point in 'art' if you can't see it.

That cubicile would cause me to do damage.

I was nearly in a team cubicle which I would share with 3 other people so I'm counting my blessings.

The worst thing isn't the cubicle it's being on the ninth floor. When I get twitchy the floor shakes and my neighbors get after me.

Cubicles make me crazy. How do they expect you to get anything done? Your pictures came out really well, (even the cubicle). What kind of camera do you use?

The area I'm in is mostly engineering and we are all mostly quiet so it's not really a problem.

The cubicle and the snow are taken with a Canon Digital Rebel XT which is a bulky DSLR that I need to learn more about.

The other two are taken with a Fuji FinePix F20 which I bought because I liked always having a camera with me but didn't find the one in my phone satisfactory. The Fuji fits in my purse and, unusual for a point and shoot, has up to ISO 2000 which is convenient for taking pictures of my cats without flashing them. If you are in the market for a compact camera, I've been really happy with the Fuji and it is relatively inexpensive.

The other thing I do is take lots of pictures and not show the stinkers.

What I'm wondering about is the Bit O'Honey statue. Is that yours? Chocolates are gone and doing their part to keep me out of my pre-pregnancy jeans. They could always turn the Windsor ruins site into a retention pond.

MD made the BitOHoney in art in junior high. I found the arms out for the garbage one day and latched onto them so, yep, it's mine!

I think they've already used the Windsor Ruins. Aren't they in the 4th pic?

You dumpster diver! It does look rather cool. And now we know those missing columns weren't lost to fire or weather, don't we? I won't tell.

You dumpster diver!

And not ashamed of it. It's a proud family tradition! But the arms were just out by the curb.

Ed drags home stuff all the time he finds while inspecting (not IN the houses of course, but things left by the curb that he passes). How could someone think those hands were worth tossing?

I admit I had them in the garage for a few years before I found somewhere to put them. The initial installation did not include the candy and some of the more 'sensitive' employees found them quite creepy. A total success!

Pic Spam! And I'm late again ;p Whoops. Heh. And your cubicle looks cozy ♥

Not late, never that.

I was dreading the smaller cubicle but it isn't as bad as I feared.