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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

Ran a couple of errands in pilgham's car today and managed to pull noticeable Gs.

Maybe it's not such a fogeymobile...

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Tune: Southern Culture On The Skids - [Mojo Box #05] '69 El Camino


It was fun. MD thought so, too.

wow. G's in a phogeymobile. not bad. nobody hurt, were they?

So far, so good.

LOL. i always forget we have those little things....

Poor Philgham! Fogeymobile indeed.

Take a gander:


It's a staid looking sedan. Who knew?

Secret Service wheels.

Oooh! I like that! It's undercover!

My son piped up from the back seat today and asked me when I was going to stop taking the corner at the top of the street on two wheels.

'When I can do it on one,' I calmly replied. There was a nervous giggle and then silence.

When I take the corners on two wheels I say, "That was fun!"

MD says, "Yes!"

I'll have to wait for my Mach 5, though, before I assay the one wheel corner. I don't think either of our vehicles could take the stress.

My boy is extremely cautious, unlike his hot-rodding mama. I was taught to drive by my former stock-car-racing father in his modified Camero RS and I haven't quite overcome several of his bad habits.

Spotless driving record, believe it or not. However, I won't be passing on the family techniques to R; he's being signed up at Young Drivers of Canada when he's old enough!

Since it's MY truck he'll be driving, I want to protect my investment!