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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Ideas! Please...

My boss would like me to get one of Sun's many Web Certifications. He fears my skills becoming obsolete and I feel this is a valid concern. However, none of them involve application and beyond HTML and CSS is a vast new territory for me. Struts are the things that keep my car from bottoming out and Ajax was some Greek dude. Anyways... for me it would be a lot of rote memorization, which even if successful, would make the certification meangingless. Plus, I don't really learn well that way.

What I'm looking for is a kickass project to learn on. Please send me your cool Web App ideas.

To prime the pump, here are some nifty pages:
Refrigerator Magnet Poetry
Universal Package Tracking

All suggestions eagerly welcomed but anything that involves Google Maps gets extra points. Be as blue sky as you like. Let me worry about the feasibility; it's all part of the learning process.

And now for something completely different: Slave Bear Of Care-A-Lot -- click at your own risk. Definitely NWS!

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Slave Bear Of Care-A-Lot -- click at your own risk.

WTF! I'm scared to even click on the link. *hides behind her chair*

And I know nothing of programming. Good luck with finding a progrect ^^

You do surf the web, don't you? Just tell me anything you think would be cool to have on the web.

Feasibility and programming is up to me.

Ha! I can't believe there are web pages for those magnets! LMAO. I acutally have sets of those. *(doggy related of course)

Hmmmm, rote memorization is a horrible way to learn. Most of us retain information so much better in actual hands on style.


The assumption on the certification is one has actually been using it on a daily basis but I don't. I'm a quick study , though.

So, you want a complex assignment that will assist you in learning the verbiage in an enjoyable manner for the SUN system. Correct?

Sun is only the certification body but basically, yes.

It just has to be a web assignment and yes, a bit more complex than throwing up some HTML and CSS.

Well, first, what can Sun do then?

It's a ball of incandescent gas.

No, the freaking system.

You can refuse to describe it to me but it could be an entertaining way of handling your problem. The method I propose is to progressively go into further and more abstruse demonstrations for a third party, thus walking into the whole thing and accelerating the learning process. If it really were me, you wouldn't want me to be ahead of you, would you? After all, I don't even rate hack as a computer-user.

After all, I've only killed three and kept the last one on life support for nearly six months.


I have the SCJP certification. The question is whether to do the SCWCD or SCDJWS.

Kindly don't be abstruse.

Oh. Thinking further...That would be Fenik.

I believe the quote is "mass of incandescent gas," but that could just be me.

So the question is do you want to build Java apps or build things that deliver dynamic content, yes? (I'm trying to use my tech writer skills to interpret & extrapolate from minimal information. If only I could find a reasonable explanation of the difference(s) between web components and business components. Hate stupid use of "business" as modifier in things like this.)

Me, I'm all about the content, so I'd go for the web component thing. Your job however may have more use for the other.

Will go off to ponder nifty things that don't exist yet.

'Mass' sounds right. TMBG are really more MD and Paul's thing though I do love The Edison Museum because we went there once and were only able to peer in at the Black Mariah.

The web component thing is what my boss wants me to study up on and I have no objection; I just need a project 'cuz not so creative with the projects.

I think the refrigerator magnets page is really nifty and was thinking of something similar with blocks or Legos but then you have the extra issue of 3 D.

Another thing I was thinking of was doggerel poetry. We used to right epic poems (back in HS) 2 lines at a time.

I like the idea of something collaborative.

You did warn me, but you should have known that 'at your own risk' to me = 'I dare ya' and so I was compelled to click... LOL

OMFG! Where did you find that? I don't even know what to say... Poor carebears

(*iz ded*)

ljgenie. Someone was looking for it and I was curious though I know nothing about the Care Bears. I certainly didn't know they were a seething pool of sadism.

Did you ever watch them? The Smufs had more reason to live.

I tend to shy away from rainbow colored individuals. Perhaps due to my fear pf clowns.

Nothing like comando street clown nuts on top of nineteen-year-old foot. I hated sweaty grease paint to beging with; Eew!

Tell me more but I will have to see it late.

Heigh ho, Heigh ho

Bye. You've got your lunch money, right?

My lunch box.

Sorry... what were you looking for?

That 'Slave Bear' ficlet fried what few synapses were still linking in my wee brain! *brain bleach x 2*

Okay, I finally had an idea: you've seen the Google Pedometer, right? What about a trip planner that maximizes gas efficiency? Of course, you'd need info about stop signs & lights, and hills too I suppose. Recently I was thinking about the routes that people take between my house and that of some friends: five drivers produce three or four routes. Which one seems shorter, which is actually shorter but has a huge hill in the way, etc.?

I asked for blue sky and that's definitely blue sky!

Thanks much!