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Ouatic-7 [userpic]

I was browsing SourceForge this morning and I noticed one of the software categories was .

Religion and Philosphy contains projects such as:

GnomeSword Bible Study Software -- Bible Study Software for the Linux and Cygwin community. Lookup and search Bible texts and commentaries. GnomeSword uses the modules and libraries provided by the SWORD Project.

Web Based Church Information Management -- OSC (Open Source Church) is a Church Management Software (ChMS) basedon the Xoops CMS framework. It supports Membership, Giving, End of YearTax Statements and group management. OSC is a fork of the Infocentralproject.

... Pretty much what you'd expect. A subcategory of Religion and Philosphy is New Age. Oh, sure, New Age contains the usual suspects like astrology calculators and tarot readers. Plus, some entries that don't really belong, to my mind, like the Punjabi Open Source Dictionay or the Islamic study software project.

Then, there are the wacky entries...

Meditation4All -- An easy-to-use meditation assistant for all java-enabled phones. Check our website for more information! [O-7: Meditate! While You're on the Phone! I thought that was what the bathroom was for.]

look_language -- `look' language`We do not see, we look.' [O-7: I don't even know what that means.]

Open-rTMS -- Hardware and software for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation applications. [O-7: Very scientific sounding name for whatever the heck this was supposed to be but in more than two years no work has been released.]

Open Wound -- Open Wound is a free CGI cut-up engine based on the experimentalwriting and art of Tzara, Burroughs, and Gysin. They meant to rupturethe perception of reality by disjointing found text using cut-upnewspapers. Open Wound bleeds 1000x faster. [O-7: Love the name and the description!]

The THOTH Enter-prise -- THOTH SEEEN ALIVEA STUDY of the Character of THOTH, Egyptian god. Extraordinary amountsof mathematical interplay. Lots of pictures to see, already developed.It's worth a Look, I believe. [O-7: Okaaaay... Whatever you say... *backs slowly away*]

Trinka Five Books and PM -- TrinkaFive is a simple yet sophisticated bookkeeping and projectmanagment software for all sizes of businesses. Included (but not partof its main intent) is a tarot magick utility for casting prosperitycharms and sigils. Currently being programmed. [O-7: ???]

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Meanwhile, the two most popular projects of all time, going by downloads in the hundreds of millions, are both for peer-to-peer file sharing, something called eMule and Azureus which is a BitTorrent client.

Hmm. Sneaky concealment?