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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
That Darn Hubby

This afternoon we passed a tor truck. Emblazoned across the back in lovely script was:

You Break I Come

pilgham sang, "Too much information."

I'm drinking champagne to celebrate doing my taxes this afternoon. And having champagne on hand.

EDIT 4/8/07: Gah! That's what I get for posting when I'm lushing it up! It was a TOW truck not a TOR truck.

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woot! i'm with you on the taxes celebration - but i'm drinking a beautiful chianti classico reserve. cheers!

*spastic white matron high five*

But you actually like wine. I like bubbles!

bubbles give me headaches... unless they're uber tiny (ie, uber expensive) and even then.....

You break I come. What does that even mean? Is it supposed to sound that dirty?

You know, to the pure in mind, all things are pure. Which doesn't explain why I was just wondering at the fractured English until P's comment.

This is going to bug me forever. Like the pearl necklace.

Pearl necklace?

You Break I Come

Since tow truck, I assume it's short hand for "You break down; I coma and tow you away." Not well thought out, though.

Ahhhh. tow truck. Now everything makes perfect sense. Not to be a pain, but you have *tor* truck in your post.

And the pearl necklace . . . it's a guy thing I didn't understand but heard so many times in a joking context that I finally did get it, and Mick was all "You didn't know that?" It's gross, I don't want to describe it.


Now ya tell me! It's fixed. Thanks.

Re the pearls, OK now I knowm the page and that's enough.

Thank goodness you didn't want me to explain that anymore. And, Happy Easter.

I did my taxes back in the Beginning of Febuary.
of course i can think of 20 other reasons to drink champagne today. cheers

The chief one being I had it on hand ...

What are your 20?

20 reasons to drink bubbly that does not involve doing taxes...
#1 The wife had her 40th birthday
#2 The Easter Bunny came by and we get to have hausenfeffer(sp) for supper
#3 It's April
#4 Kids go back to school on Tuesday
#5 We are done burning Coal at work for the season
#6 AFSCME is 75 years old this year
#7 my son can pick his nose and butt at the same time without switching
#8 My father had a great day at the race track yesterday
#9 I do not have to work this Monday
#10 I finally got my oldest daughter to stay awake and watch "The Ten Commandments"
#11 Easter Candy everywhere
#12 Ninja Warrior is still good t.v.
#13 I got a "Dirty Pair" dark horse comic book this week
#14 I got Season one uncensored of "Mind of Mencia"
#15 The kids cleaned the basement AND the Kitchen this week
#16 I got to sleep in today
#18 A Republican finally agreed with me on a budget matter at the state capito;
#19 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!
#20 The wife is done with her period

Yeah! Your taxes are done, you lucky girl!

I still have to do my charitable contributions. Yuck.

I <3 e-filing!

Also, Illinois let's you fill them out on line pretty slickly. When they first started, I think they had problems with server load but they seem to have that ironed out.

To be honest, now that I'm not filing a Schedule C or for a Child Care Credit, there's not much too them.

Well, it's eye-catching.

And it's good to know he enjoys his work.