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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
My Trip to Danvers, the 60 Second Recap

Day 1:

Guy I Have Worked With Several Times Over the Past Few Years:
Are you coloring your hair?

O-7: ...

GIHWWSTOtPFY: They just flashed your picture from last year and it looks totally different now.

Woman Whose Team I Have Emailed For Help Many Times: You're Ouatic-7? We love your emails!

O-7: ...

WWTIHEFHMT: Our cubes are all next to each other and you can hear us all giggle when we get one of your emails.

O-7: ...

WWTIHEFHMT: The topic of one meeting was what 'daft' means and what was meant by 'daft monkey'.

O-7: ...

Day 2:

Woman Who Had Just Viewed My Presentation (gushing):
This was the best presentation I've seen!

O-7: ...

Somewhat Pixilated Female Muckity-Muck: The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman. Discuss.

Somewhat Pixilated O-7: If it wasn't holey, how did Attila get in?

Everyone Else at Table: ...

Day 3:

O-7 fiddles with the laser pointer in the pen she was given at registration.

J a Guy I Have Worked With for Ten Years: I've seen an awful lot of fiddling with laser pointers the last couple of days.

O-7: Well, sure. We're playing with our gift pens.

JaGIHWWfTY: (shows a different style pen) This is the one I got.

D a Woman I Have Worked With for Ten Years: (Shows her pen is the same as JaGIHWWfTY's) That's what I got, too.

V a Woman I Have Worked With for Ten Years: (Shows her pen is the same as JaGIHWWfTY's) Mine, too.

O-7 (pleased to be special):  Woot!


so they know your screenname? could that be dangerous. i loved the comment about your hair. very funny!

No, they don't know my screen name. That was me cleverly trying to keep things simple by substituting my screenname for my real name.

It was sort of funny. The picture they showed was horribly unflattering. One of my minor fears is that's the only sort of pic I take these days. I will say my hair isn't nearly as mousy as it was in that picture though! I did the henna thing last Saturday so it was brightening most of the trip.

i know what you mean about pictures. i haven't taken on i liked in a long time. and when my hubby says "no that one's great" i wonder what it is he sees every time he looks at me!

Nice re-cap. Kudos on the special pen and particularly on seizing the opportunity to insert some Hun humour. Those are opportunities that are few and far between.

Well my Hun humor did a great big billy flop but I do get to keep the pen and it is mighty fancy!

belly! belly! belly!

I knew that.

So, are you home now?

Yeppers! In front of Asmodeus right at this minute!

Cool. I'm glad you made it safely.

Is he behaving?

I would have been forced to kill a number of people and that whole Holy Roman Empire thing would have sent both me and you quick to the bar for load-ups before I made certain the woman never spoke in public again.

In FMM's defense, I will say she had the waiter, Troy, wrapped around her little finger which is why we were all quite well oiled. He did a fine job of keeping our glasses topped up.

You know how in banquets there is one table that is more raucous than all the other tables? That was our table.

That table surely was the place to be under.

And we were.


I take my hat off to anyone who has the nerve to insert a comic ref to the Holy Roman Empire in a meeting composed of software engineers.

Maybe if you had told the joke in Java or Linux...?

That probably would have worked.

Being a bit 'pissed' I just thought I had to talk louder...

If they love your e-mails, perhaps you should have referred them to your LJ. The pens make it all worth it! Sorry, I'm still playing catch up.