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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
On the Road Again...

Posting from the lovely Sheraton Ferncroft Resort on Historic and Scenic Route 1.

I was roommate free last night and will be again Wednesday and thereby hangs some slight tale...

Email 1 from myself to my assigned roommate:

Howdy! It looks like we will be roomies next week.
Just so you know, our flight from Chicago isn't scheduled to arrive until 8:35 PM Sunday so it's anybody's guess what time we will get to the hotel. I will try not to be too disruptive when I come in.
See you next week,


Email 2 from AR:

Hi O-7,


Actually, I hadrequested [Name deleted to preserve some slight semblance of anonymity] be my roommate (this is NOTHING personal – [Name deleted, again] and I have been rooming together at the summit for five years, and she’sused to my snoring J).  I’m not sure if [Flunky 1] made a mistake,but I asked her to check.  So rooms might end up getting shuffled.  I’mreally sorry if this is aproblem.


And if [Flunky 2] doesn’tchange things around, then howdy back and welcome aboard!  I wasn’tplanning on getting to the hotel until about 8pm anyway, so I wouldn’tworry about being disruptive.  I’ll probably still be awake. Are you flying into Logan? I hope the weather is OK – we’re supposed to get a big honkin’storm Friday and Saturday (the emails about “planning to work from hometomorrow” are whizzing in even as we speak!), but I think it’ssupposed to clear out by Sunday.  I hope so!


Take care,


I got to thinking and I sent an email to Flunky1 saying if it was easier, I'd be happy to spend the money to have a single. That resulted in this rather snippy email 3:



We are not changing roommates.

Look forward to seeing you next week.

Thank you,

[Flunky1's boss] 

Followed, ironically, by this fourth one:

Hi O-7,


They went ahead andswitched the rooms so that [ND] and I could room together.  You shouldbe hearing today (I would hope) who your roomie is, but if all they did isswitch the rooms, then you’ll probably be in with [Other spurned roommate] (thewoman they had in with [ND]).


Thanks again for beingso understanding!  I really appreciate it.


Take care, and I hopeyour trip is uneventful,


So I arrived at the hotel without any clear idea of who, if anybody, I was rooming with. According to the front desk, it is, in fact, the other spurned roommate.

Arrrgh!!!! I need my tea!

Current Location: Danvers, MA
Mood: groggydesperately needing morning tea


As for "scenic," that reminds me of B's story about her grandfather-the-junk-dealer, looking from the Baker's Square over the intersection of Touhy & Western and pronouncing [sic] it "bootiful sinnery."

"bootiful sinnery." -- thought that was Paris

I was disappointed to find the Golden Banana didn't have male strippers...

Reminds of camp when I was a kid, and the girls always wanted to bunk with their best friends. God forbid they should talk to someone new and interesting.

Exactly! But with that attitude there's really no point in forcing her to be my roommate...

Totally, completely, utterly HER loss.

Looks like your trip is getting of to a good start huh? j/k lol

It did get off to a good start; didn't have to share last night!

I think I would always spend the money and get a single room. I find it difficult enough to share with my own sister. Sounds like you may have had a fortunate escape there though. That first one sounds like a prize.

If I'd known it was an option, I would have. But at least I have a roomie, still haven't seen her, for only two of the four nights.

One of the keynotes was getting to know other people from other sites....

Just create an imagenary friend. You could have all these imagenary heart-to-hearts. Others would be jealou you got on so well.

I already did that. There's you and Nelson and ...

Real imaginary friends. We are false imaginary friends and thus hard to believe in.

I'd volunteer to be your roomie, except that would mean hitting the road again. Blech.

Hope you have a wildly fun time regardless of any relation to business this trip might bear.

My actual roommate seems fine...we'll see if she comes trailing in at 0 dark hundred, singing.

Schmoozing doesn't come to me naturally. Or at all. But I am trying to be sociable (It really takes it out of me thought which is why I'm in my room surfing the internet at 7:30). Anyways, joined a woman at table, made the mutual introductions and she says, "We would always laugh when we got your emails. One meeting the topic of discussion was what a 'daft monkey' was," so that was nice to know, that I was famous as well as infamous out east.

Long story short, not wildly fun but so far, not horrific. Of course I haven't given my presentation yet.

I came trailing in at 0 dark hundred, but I was supposed to and I was quiet.

My roomie came in sometime between 8:30 and midnight -- I guess she was sufficiently quiet.

You have the advantage of being familiar with the turf you are navigating, though.

But all that hard breathing from the stairs.

They spurned you because they mistook you for double 0-7 and were a little nervous about the arch-villains. We still love you.

How did they know that my cell wasn't just a phone? Who leaked?

I might have let it slip that it has a built-in calculator. I needed the cash!