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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
I Have No One to Blame But Myself

MD has a concert Tuesday. For some reason, the Orchestra teacher decided it would be a good idea to change dresses mid-year. This meant the new dress had to be hemmed.

MD's other dress hadn't been that much of a hassle so I left the hemming until this afternoon...

1. The thing is 100% slippery, staticy polyester plus an overskirt of 100% slippery, staticy polyester chiffon.

2. MD didn't want me to cut it even thoough  one skirt was roughly 11' too long and the other was about 14" too long.

3. It wasn't until I threatened to cut that MD produced the sheet telling me how long to hem it to and also suggesting using a tailor. *head desk* . If I had gotten the sheet 3 weeks a go I would have totally used a tailor but it just didn't occur to me.

I did not hand hem like I usually do. It's machine hemmed and probably lopsidedly and, you know what?, I don't care. MD doesn't even care. She's going to walk out on stage and she's going to walk off the stage. The rest of the time the crappy-ass hemming will all be piled up on the floor under her seat. 
So why do I feel like a bad mother?

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Because you didn't use multiple layers of tissue paper as you should have, you scum.

Is the tissue paper to sop up the blood as I manually hem my (thimble less) fingers to the bone?

Keeps the fabric from sliding.

The blood?

Hrm...well, that might help.

So why do I feel like a bad mother?

No idea.

Thank you. That's very comforting!

you are good mother. daughter is bad.
My youngest daughter last week tells me a day before the concert that she needs a new white blouse for her concert. I asked her when she (or the band director) was SUPPOSE to tell me. She told me three weeks ago.
But you know i am going to top you one way or another. What my daughter did NOT tell me until two days BEFORE the concert was that the parents were getting together to perform in their own band.
My daughter informed me she thought i was too sick to perform. I informed her that i played the tuba with BOTH of my arms broken, with the flu, bad knees, etc. I think i could handle one more concert while ill.
While the parent band did play the beer barrel polka(which is always great), the rest of their music was University of Wisconsin music.(i'm a hillbilly boy that join the navy)(need to play more Elvis)

Elvis is always good.

MD didn't wait until Sunday to tell me about the thing; I knew it was coming. It was just my own damn procrastination.

ha! i missed this one. and i know exactly how you feel. i once had to take off work to go runt ot he store and buy the damn concert clothes he'd outgrown and not told me (specficially told me that everything was fine, mom! until the morning of).Had to yank him out of class to give them to him - with TWO different white shirts since i didn't know which one was right... only to have him leave the other white shirt at school and it is forever now lost. so, yeah. you're a bad mother if I am and I say we're not!

Well, I did know I had this coming but it was kind of a pisser that MD didn't produce the sheet until prompted as I had to re-pin.

When she was a freshman, MD managed to lose her school issued dress. It never even made it home.

oh, that makes me feel better!