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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Pimp Yo Tunes!

I got 30 downloads from eMusic coming and I'd like some suggestions.

Take me out of my rut, please!

Sure, I considered the German rockabilly band ...

And the surf guitar album with Palos Verdes artists (I actually lived on the Palos Verdes during part of the time covered by the album)...

But nothing's calling to me so I need your help.

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Mood: lonelylost
Tune: Original Soundtrack - [Abenobashi #09] Hang by a Thread! Abenobashi Shopping Arcade

You should listen to a little ELO, or perhaps a little Alan Parsons or Nina Simone.

This is an odd coincidence. I was just trying to explain The Alan Parsons Project to my daughter last night. I have no idea why and I haven't thought of them in years.


I'm trying to collect CDs I used to listen to in college (weren't mine, they belonged to my ex so I don't have any of them now) and Alan Parsons is one of the most recent I've collected. Next I need the British version of Chess, the musical. Remember that one?

My SIL had a Chess CD -- that's 'One Night in Bangkok' right -- but I don't know that it was the Brit version.

Chess doesn't ring a bell, but I spent several years of my youth in a drug and alcohol induced stupor.

I think you are being facetious...hoever...

ELO and Alan Parsons are only available from eMusic as Karaoke...

There is a boatload of Nina Simone is you can direct me.

I thought I was just suggesting some fun options - I'm not sure what's available since I'm a little slow on the internet music scene.

And I think the phrase you're looking for is 'buttload of..'

U N00b! I've had an eMusic subscription since December!

Thinking back to the 70s, though, I never did have any legal Jim Croce and some of his stuff is right up my alley...

I do happen to know there is plenty of Croce out there since Ed burned a CD (that was waaay last year, btw). Go for it, Slick.

I can't get the links to play samples for me so I can't get a feel for what you like (unless you were kidding). What is your current rut and is there any music you can't stand?

I do like rockabilly and surf guitar.

Previously, from eMusic, I have downloaded:
Webb Wilder album -- Wilder was new to me and I really enjoyed that
60s Thai pop some of which was covers of Enlish language tunes -- Haven't listened more than once but some are quite good. Problem is sound quality.
Christmas carols on steel drums -- awesome
Christmas carols -- blue grass style

My daughter fiddles so maybe a req for some good fiddling music...

I won't even say I can't stand rap; I will give anything a try especially since I can listen to at least a little before I download and I only have to get a single track from an album if I feel iffy.

Hmmm, I'm not real familiar with these. I wish I could get the links to work. I'll make a list of several titles in different genres that even if you don't like them specifically, may spark a fire for something you forgot you liked.

That's what I was hopin' for.


i lived in Palos Verdes from ... uh... '74 to '80 when i moved to Westwood/UCLA. When were you there? I lived just off Hawthorne Blvd above the mall. Went to Rolling Hills High.

I know you lived on the PVP and went to Rolling Hills because I *cue spooky music* know all!

Oh, like '63 to '70.

back when it was nice. i remember we talked about this before, i just can't remember much of what we said. "brain like a seive".... that's me!

My brain retains these sorts of details byt when it's something for work? in one eyeball and out the other. (it's kind of gross actually.)

sounds like it..... XD

music list

The list was too long so it's posted behind a cut in my LJ. I didn't list everything, just some old stuff that may inspire you and a few new things. There must be something you recognize without having to listen to it. It's all pretty standard, but there's a lot of it.