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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Barnum Saw Me Coming*

Everyone's doing it....

If you can't be kind, at least be funny.

That honesty meme...

I was thinking of "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute" which I discovered Barnum didn't say. However, no one has ever heard of Hannum.

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Of course I had to go on and read about the shirtwasit company fire. Now I'm bummed.

Never, ever, ever read about fires in history. There is a reason they are remebered and it's never a pleasant one.

I am paranoid about fires since, as a child, I watched some documentary about a school fire (what was my mother thinking?!). My new office is on the ninth floor and concern about trying to escape down the stairs may finally drive me to seek treatment for my gimpy knees.

I have always had a rebellious streak in me and I met one of the World Trade Center survivors. When the office managers told them all to not worry, go back to their desks, she quietly left down the stairwell. I trust I would do the same.

I trus I would, as well, but it would be easier if I wasn't yelping in pain the entire 8 flights down.

Fix your bloody knees! No gimping.

I'll bet it pissed Hannum off. Why would you ever think anyone would be less than kind! (well other than Noko)

I am an angel of mercy.

But, for it to be true mercy, then it had jolly well better be a tough nut to crack.

You do seem genuinely interested in our faults and crackers!

Are they Cheez-its?

And if they're cheetos instead, would you still like us?

Only if I get to wipe my fingers on your walls and upholstery.

Never be noticed at my house...

Things have just gone to Hell around here since I sent Rinaldo to Nelson.

He's a furniture-licker?

He was a 'maid', a very decorative one, but I lent him to Nelson as a nanny.

Bye for now. With Rinaldo away, I have to go fix dinner.

Well, I 'm not as abrasive as I was as a lass but I think there are probably still some rough edges...

I just loved that Hannum coined the saying and then turned out to be one of those very suckers. On the other hand, he may well have made back hin investment before it all went south.

I also like the multiplying giants... Gotta love that Barnum!

You abrasive? You bring joy and light. As for Hannum, it can be a relief to meet your match I suppose.