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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Yet Another Post Via Gizmodo ...

... but aren't you glad I wade through all the phone chaff so you don't have to?

Cute Puppies!

At the end they mention that Endal received the  Dog of the Millennium award. Yes, he was(is?) a genius dog but a thousand years is a lot of dogs. I feel, perhaps, proper consideration was not given to dogs of yore who had no living humans to lobby for them.

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According to that article, the dog can't enter the pin but the person in the wheelchair can go in sideways and do that. Okay, if they can enter the pin, what's stopping them from doing everything else?

Hell if I know but the dogs do the washing and shopping, too.

Now if it was cats, Evil for instance, she would totally put in the PIN but keep the money for heself and go on a 'nip binge.

The best helper animal I ever saw as a helper monkey for a quadriplegic man. It was so cute, and not just because he'd named it Katie. It would sit on the back of his wheelchair and groom his hair and eyebrows and kiss him on the head. It was sooooo adorable.

That was adorable, yet--spitty. What a perfect post from you!


Huh. Now that you mention it, a lot of disabled awards read like that. Do you think they might be just a tad condescending? NAH!

Looking deeper it is apparently something like Helper Dog of the Millenium. Considering how long assistance dogs have been around, isn't it early days yet to be naming the millenium's top dog?

Shepherd dogs are new?