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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Name That Film

So, yesterday I was at the local non-chain video store when a man came in wearing a Smoky-the-Bear hat and a buckskin jacket with beaded epaulets (That's not germane but it's why I was eavesdropping). I'd guess he was about 10 years older than I. He was telling the clerk that the movie he was returning was pretty good except for the bi-planes flying like F-16s.

Sounds good to me! What's a recent film (he mentioned CGI) with WWI biplanes flying close formations?

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That sounds right. Have you seen it? Comments on IMDB were very mixed.

On the one hand it has James Franco (ick) but on the other it has Jean Reno.

no, i have not seen it. sorry

Mick wants to see Flyboys, too. It's on our list from Blockbuster.

What about the Prestige? I went to rent that and it was out.

I know nothing about it except it has Hugh Jackman looking so hot the pilgham wanted to have his babies.

Hm. I'm not familiar with the prestige. Next I'm getting House of Flying daggers, Barnyard, and PotC2.

I looked up THe Prestige on IMDB. THe plot sounds stupid but in addition to Jackman it has David Bowie playing Nikola Tesla. How cool is that?

House of Flying Daggers stars one of my favorite bishies.

The action sequences looked pretty awesome in the previews I saw.

Well, it is Ching Siu-tung...

There's a dancing drumming thing near the begining that's pretty cool.