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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Photo Caption Contest -- 4/22

I have begun participating in a photo caption contest at the office. There are not a lot of us.

The Photo

Here are the entries, so far:


Renowned one-armed banjo player "Lefty" Greenspan demonstrates his famous 16-inch hand.

"People make a lot of fuss about my hand. I wish they'd pay more attntion to my music".

Plenty of guys have big hands - I mean hand. Besides, it's really only 16 inches if you count the fingernails."


After being banned from Walmart for lewd behavior, Carl held a press conference to demonstrate that, despite witness accounts, he could only perform “said act” with his right hand.


Walmart not terrorized by balding werewolf.

According to 90 year old Lyle Talbot, "When the hair goes, the fear goes. If only I had used Rogaine."


In a departure from his usually cryptic messages Treasury Secretary Alan Greenspan chose a Bethesda Wall-Mart as the site to announce he is going to “roll back” interest rates to “this many” points.(Winner)

I think the Alan Greenspan one is the best. I should have used "nonagenarian".

Any suggestions?

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