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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
My Discovery of YouTube

I finally got an account so I could email the 419 scammers video to my LJ and have it be all purty like but I still wasn't browsing around.

But last night, pilgham got me to watch George Takei's PSA in response to Tim Hardaway.

Then I searched on John Hodgman but the pieces weren't very visual. However, that took me to Jonathan Coulton. Coulton at CES was pretty boring but then I saw there were not one but TWO Naruto AMVs for Code Monkey. Unfortunately neither measured up to SpiffWorld's World of Warcraft version:

But that got me looking for One Piece AMVs; I think One Piece has some of the best anime music. That lead me to this, Shounen Bushidou from Istiv Studio. The song's all right but I love crossovers and he has a zillion animes in there which he manages to combine in frame and make the characters sing along.

So then I lookded for more from Istiv and there is The Race. I don't like the song as much as Shounen Bushidou, but there is an actual plot and it has Luffy fighting Spike Spiegel and Ed Elric vs Uchiha Sasuke!

In short, I am probably addicted, now.

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I speak from beyond the grave, and a dead computer with my wheezing breaths...
Breaths. I hate this. Give computer contact to Nokomarie, hard drives, fans, major antifur sevrice towers! Care of my address in Pocasset, Cape Cod Massa-urk.

What? You hate George Takei?

I have been wondering where you were but you are still hostage to your 'puter?


Let's call it that.

You're not real, I'm just seeing things right.

New comp. All kinds services getting re-stabilized for the household. Noko is a shaking mess from being forced to cough up a grand or so in the past few days. Oh well, a fool and her money are soon parted.

i dont' have time to watch them all, but that George Takai one was hilarious! i've loved him since the '60's. didn't know he was gay tho/

Neither did I. Maybe he was acting?

Yeah, he came out publicly a couple-few years ago. He's had the same partner for decades or something.

George wants to have sex with Tim? eeeewwwwwwwww. I feel George would have better taste than Tim.
surely there are better looking basketball players than tim.

As George is apparently in a committed relationship, I feel George just wants to give Tim the willies. George is 69, it's all he has to threaten that young whippersnapper.

So George Taki is gay, huh? Bummer. He was next on my list to cruelly fascinate.

But just think how much extra cruel it is if you successfully fascinate him, regardless?

You do have a point there.

This is a pain. Brigid made this great AMV and she doesn't want it up on YouTube because of the rules. It's all somebody else's song and FMA. She says that the rules of YouTube clearly state that your submissions must be exactly your own work by right of policy. Many members of the community break these rules by submitting AMVs and nobody ever does anything to stop it. Brigid considers this moronic and refuses to include herself in such a pointless squabble.

I suspect she's purist at heart.

Takes after her mother.

I'd like to see it. Has Brigid looked at animemisicvideos.org? Being a consumer I don't know what the rules are on uploading but, clearly, there are videos there.