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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Travel Kitsch

We're going downstate over Spring Break.

On our last family trip we visited Skara Brae, Stonehenge, and Bath Abbey.

The raison d'etre of our next trip is to see the Bald Knob Cross. It was pilgham's bright idea.

There is, in fact, a World Heritage Site in downstate Illinois, oustide of St. Louis, the Cahokia Mounds. Been there; done that; not doing it again this trip.

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That pilgham; such a wild 'n crazy guy. *whispers* Why does he want to go see a 111 ft tall cross that you can't even climb up to see the view? Engineering interest, or is he an insurance adjuster?

He fears that it will somehow be torn down in the conflict over who it belongs to and we should see it before then just to say we have.

I figure it doesn't matter what it's like, it's worth it for the stories after and it could have been worse; he could've wanted to go to Branson.

*quirks eyebrow* 'go to Branson'? Is that somewhat akin to our local witticism, which refers to a place being 'beyond Hope'?

Branson MO is known as a sort of country/Christian/non-gambling Las Vegas.



Looks... like... fun... Eep!

You're right; it could've been worse than the cross. Much, MUCH worse!