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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Grenadier the Smiling Warrior -- Episode 6: Balloon User Mikan's Revenge

Last night, Paul and I watched:

Grenadier the Smiling Warrior
Episode 6: Balloon User Mikan's Revenge
Source: BitTorrent

The plot didn't seem to advance though one question I had was settled. I had surmised that Rusyuna's breasts were not really as enormous as they appear. Seeing how she jounces the shells out of her bodice I thought perhaps she used extensive padding in the form of the shells. Well, she ran out of ammo last night and there was no noticable subsidence.

Yajirou got an awesome moment. The red light district was being shelled so he went on the roof and sliced the enormous shells in two with his katana.

Backstory: In episode 1, Kojima Jajirou, a mercenary, attacked a castle with an army of samurai. Unfortunately, the castle was filled with guys with machine guns.Barely escaping, Yajirou happens on a woman bathing who shelters him from his pursuers with her cantaloupe sized breasts. This woman is Tendou Rusyuna, an "Enlightened". The "Enlightened" are the gun wielders.

Rusyuna goes back to the castle with Yajirou and assists him in freeing the hostage that was the object of the attack in the first place. She does this by shooting every single soldier in the castle with her six gun. But, no worries. None are dead, they are just maimed because killing is bad.

At first, I wasn't wild about Yajirou. He seemed kind of vanilla but once I realized he was the sidekick and Rusyuna was the "smiling warrior" he grew on me. Currently there is a bounty on Rusyuna, apparently placed there by her mentor, the Tenshi. The pair travel around, saving towns and evading bounty hunters.