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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Plot Bunny: Seeking Shikon Shards in the Sewers of Modern Tokyo

I just got another review for At the Dance, woohoo!! Sadly, the person wants me to write more, sort of missing the point of the thing. However, at the time I was writing it, I thought a real story could come out of losing the Shikon down a storm drain.

Just think of Inuyasha having to face the sewers with his nose. Kagome would be by his side, facing down the rats but somehow it lacks the glamour of battling youkai. InuYasha can't use the wind scar on the rats or he could contaminate the city's water supply (by busting up the infrastructure). Of course they would meet Sewer Urchin (he's awesome)down there.

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*dies of laughter*

I get the immediate image of the whole "Ink Painter" faces. I'd bet there would be some retching involved. THAT was creative, the entire "lose the Shikon down the storm drain" idea, I can't believe I've never thought of that, hell, I've lost earriing/etc down those things.

Re: *dies of laughter*

Glad you liked it. Run with it if you like. My ideas are always better than my execution.