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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
Where I Was Last Night

There's a round robin going over at Twisting the Hellmouth. The set up is Xander has a bar in Cleveland and all kinds of odd folk come through, tell him a story and leave a memento.

Anyways, here is my contribution:


My cross is with Yu Yu Hakusho.  It's so-so but I am proud that I had Keiko as my main character instead of one of the bishies.

I love TTH.  When you subscribe to a story they send you a note when a chapter is added. If you don't go read that chapter before another is added they don't send you another note. This prevents mailbox clutter. Also, when you are logged in, the "latest" page lists all the stories by authors you've subscribed to that you haven't read. It's incredibly convenient.

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Tune: ADV Films - [Sin: The Motion Picture #13] Elyse's Secret

I know nothing about the fandoms(!) but the story seemed to move along quickly and I found myself involved despite not knowing where the heck I was. :) You seem to be productive lately (writing-wise).

Let's see, this week I've published about a 1000 words...

I think my total output for last year was that Jaken/Ayumi thing which was about 2000 and my longest piece to date...

I guess I was, for me anyway.

I was looking for a picture of Keiko and Yusuke, so you could at least visualize them, and found this...

And here are they are age 14:

Geez, 14 year olds kiss like that! I liked the second pic better though - the other made the guy look like an eighties metal band member.

Yusuke was born human but after he dies the second time he becomes a youkai and 80's metal band look is his demonic form.

In the 2nd pic, I think Keiko was trying to give him some incentive to not die.