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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
3 Perfect Kisses

These are my responses to forthrightly's Perfect Kiss drabble challenge.

All characters are the property of Rumiko Takahashi and licensees.

TitleHis Level [100 words- PG]
Author: ouatic_7
Pairing: Sesshomaru and Mrs. Higurashi

A/N: Couldn't do this without including my OTP! This may faintly resemble something I published years ago but I didn't refer to it and nobody ever read it anyways....

 “This just isn't working,” Mama announced, pulling back. She had always been a determined woman and she would meet the demon lord on his own level.

Her behavior puzzled Sesshomaru. There was no doubt of his human's interest. The firm grip on his hand, her sensual smile, her scent, assuaged any slight concerns a less august personage might have had.

She hauled the bemused demon lord into the kitchen and clambered on the step stool. Her arms went around his impressive shoulders, lips met his, testing. “Much better,” she sighed and relaxed into his embrace. “And the answer is yes.”

TitleGood Night  [100 words- G]
Author: ouatic_7
Pairing: Jaken and Rin (platonic)

A/N: Naturally, I had to do a kiss drabble for the character who isn't equipped for kissing...

“Jaken-Sama,” whispered his lord'snew pesky, human pet.

'Why, Lord, hast thou forsaken me,' he brooded. 


“What now?” the imp roared,patience exhausted and abandoned for dead. “You've had some water.Then you went to the bushes. Twice.”

“Mama used to kiss me good night and...” Rin's voice trailed away as he turned an incredulous, beaked visage to her. The girl was still a moment then hopped up and smacked the top of his head with her slimy lips, “Sweet dreams,Jaken-sama.”

He began to chastise the brat but what came out was, “Sweet dreams, Rin.”

Title1000  [100 words- PG]
Author: ouatic_7
Pairing: Jaken and Ayumi

A/N: Twice. OOC warning but Jaken is in love.

She carefully unwrapped and opened the enormous box. It was filled to the brim with tiny foil wrapped chocolates, 'Is he trying to distance himself?' She gave the imp a wistful look, “Hugs?”

Stung by her reaction he reacted from a lifetime of habit, “Foolish human, they are White Day kisses! One thousand!”

“One for each year of our generation gap, I suppose?”

She still didn't get it. “No, one chocolate for each kiss I wish I could give you.” He sadly turned to leave.

“Don't go! Let me give you a kiss for each of these.”

And she did.

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poor jaken! yay! she writes! these were all full of good, warm humor. thanks!

Poor Jaken? He got very lucky, very, very lucky. I'm not tellin' ya where he received some of those kisses.

ah, good point. i guess i just always assume he doesn't get what he really wants....

That Jaken one made me go "awww." ^_^

To clarify, the one with Rin.

It's OK if the other Jaken one made you go "Ewwww". Ayumi is happy not to share.

I seem to be drawing a trauma induced blank where the other two are concerned. :P

Those are all good...but 'slimy lips' made me laugh! Thanks, I needed that!


As a human and a mother, I often find small children very unattractive, all snotty and grubby and stuff. Thank heavens they become teenagers!

All three were terrific. ^_^ All in top faves list of the kisses posted thus far. Mama/Sesshoumaru works surprisingly well!!!

Thanks much.

I wrote Sesshoumaru/Mrs. Higurashi crack!fic and it became my OTP...

I better stay away from Kaede/Totousai

*giggle fits*

That was great! Mama cows Sesshoumaru. Kagome and Inu must be dying in paroxysms of horror. The Jaken/Rin was adorable, especially the last line. About Ayumi and Jaken, well.... To each their own, I suppose (That has got to be one of the oddest pairings I've ever seen.).

I am quite tickled. ^_^

I appreciate your kind words. The paroxysms of horror can be found here:


Yes, I am a one-trick-pony.

CUTE! I love the Jaken ones. ^^

Thanks much!

You did some fun stuff here! All of them were very good. I really liked the platonic Jaken/Rin - something about her taking pity on the old curmudgeon and kissing him instead was just so, so (I won't say sweet!) melty!

The broad shoulders mention in the Higurash/Sesshoumaru was particularly nice - one of those things that feels so nice, to rest your arms there and yes, nose to nose is better. As for the last, you've just given me a craving for chocolate kisses, minx.