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Ouatic-7 [userpic]
As the Inimitable Jackie Chan Often Said*

Bad day! Bad day! Bad day!

* Jackie Chan Adventures, 2000-2005

Mood: stressedglad to be home
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If you say so.

Only because it is true though I will freely admit it could have been worse.

Oh it was work stuff. We have code freeze Monday and there seemed to be a conspiracy against us getting a build to QA for testing. I happen to be the build captain so I was struggling with this.

They pick less than a week before code freeze to put in a new server which we can't access because IT is filled with dolts. They changed the build procedure and broke it. It was just madness and death, but not in a literal sense.

OK. You lived and you know these people will make your life living heck.

Had fun at work today myself but that was because it was a change in venue with no introduction. Just walked in cold and by the end of the shift I was knowing what to do. Normally, my nursing framework is damned rigid and I speak to the preceding nurse as I go on; not so today. The actual load was light and I think I managed.

It feels good to be able to rise to a challenge!

I will say the morning flew by.

Did and didn't. Learned a few things.

You sounded as though this change should have been done during everybody else's time off.

I'm sure they had good reasons for why it couldn't wait until after code freeze, but I don't know what they are. I suspect bribery on the part of a team that felt they could uses these mishaps to weasel more time.

I suspect stupidity and somebody failing to balance the bucks spent paying regular workers for a couple of third shift experts. But, as I have my own brother's example clearly to the fore of my mind, I have not really got that much to say.

Ce la guerre.

While we were watching Cutie Honey, the live action movie (my sole contact with the Cutie Honey franchise) this evening my favorite chair died. With me sitting in it. Fortunately, I didn't spill my champagne.

There should be a legal limit to silicon. What the hell is your chair? I seat myself on sturdy but abused furniture>

An Ikea Poang. One of the screws sheered.

Ah. Matchless Korean technology. Lucky it didn't stab you in the head.

Fortunately, I didn't spill my champagne. That takes style. Goodnight!

Or practice...

I watched Jackie Chan adventures tonight! (not much else to do but sit next to sick pre-schooler and watch tv or read stories) So what about this day?

Oh, just read what I told Noko; I gotta go to bed.

We miss Jackie Chan Adventures, especially Uncle.

Dream of donkies, sweet.

Sorry if I seemed snippy; I was tres tired.

Fortunately no donkeys, only demons.

Not noticibly snippy - and hope the demons were the bishie kind.